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BSD Interbike Preview


The guys at BSD posted a Interbike preview of their 2016 parts line-up ahead of the event in Vegas this week, first up is BSD’s first freecoaster hub ,dubbed the Westcoaster, in which the driver utilises bushings and bearings and a different resistance system to traditional coasters.  It will also be compatible with the press fit Jersey Barrier hub guards which are also included.


Then we have the NASA rim; BSD’s first pop at a wheel hoop.  This is a high-tech I-beam constructed rim with thick tapered sidewalls and tapered, offset spoke holes for cross lacing, sounds tough enough!


Next up are these M-Cap bar ends, these are good if you like the convenience of push-fit plastic bar plugs but break them often.  The M-Cap bar end comes with a metal (Aluminium I’m assuming) ring to protect your plastic bar ends from being pummelled deep into your bars and having to fish them out again with a screwdriver.

There’s more on BSD’s site, on which we will be touching on when there is further info; namely the Dan Paley signature Soulja frame.

Fly Bikes Earth Brown Colourway

Earth Brown_insta_2_1

A little late off the mark but computers are a bugger like that, unlike bikes.  If pastel colour schemes are your thing then Fly BikesEarth Brown colourway might be your bag, be it you ride trails, live in a swamp or are just a bit of hippie, Fly have you covered with the Ruben’s Rampera tyre, pedals and grips (Roey and Devon Smille’s signature grips get the treatment too) All are set to hit shops with the rest of their 2016 parts later this year.

April Fools Best Bits


As is tradition in BMX all the stops are pulled and the industry sets out to start a shit storm for the gullible and superficial alike, this year was no different. Here we have our selection of our favourite prank parts ranging from Merritt’s Brian Foster clip-in pedals to Blank’s spray on grips.  I won’t lie, I’m disappointed we didn’t see a Leonardo Da Vinci piece formed into a Profile Racing stem but I guess there’s always next year.



Tree Universal Bar Ends


Tree Bicycle Co are coming out thick and fast with new products over the last couple of weeks, this time they veer into the realm of bar ends.  Tree’s previous record with bar ends have seen the screw in type for Tree’s own bars but now they’re taking on a universal wedge type design for every other bar on the market.  These little gems are made from 6061 aluminium, tighten using a 6mm allen key and will stop you gutting your self like a fish with the ends of your poorly cut/filed down bars.  Enough said.

Merritt Insert Bar End Test

Merritt‘s new Insert bar ends are available now. Even though they look almost identical to a regular push-in nylon bar end (and not to mention cost the same) they addition of a steel insert really seems to make these things indestructible, as seen here in this funny promo video they put out. Hammer test approved

Justin Cares tests out our new Insert bar ends. They are a nylon bar end with a steel insert molded into it to stop your bars from cutting right through them. They are available now at your local shop for $4.

Merritt Insert Barends


Merritt‘s new Insert bar ends will be available in the next few week’s. Using a fairly basic and affordable nylon push-in style barend, the guys at Merritt have ingeniously put a steel washer in the end to prevent the barend being cut apart by the ends of your bars when you fall. They come in a selection of colours and retail for a very modest $4 a pair. Go hit your local Merritt dealer today and get some!

Stolen 2014 Catalog

Stolen Bikes‘ 2014 catalog just went live. Plenty of interesting look completes this year, all stacked with a variety of their aftermarket components to keep things running tight. The most notable addition to this year’s lineup is a whole range of aftermarket 24″ specific products including a Frame, heat-treated fork, wheelsets and even a larger size of their Joint Tires. I’m also kinda into the coloured Tires on the Casino model, no doubt a bit of AK influence there. All these bikes and products will be available in the next few weeks. Be sure to head over to the Stolen website for more details and info.

stolen stolen2

Kink Tech Talk: Ideal Barends

Kink just dropped another Tech Talk video with their product guy Matt Antes, where he talks about the new Ideal bar ends. These bar ends come in two sizes depending on your preferences. With more riders choosing to run Metal bar ends because of their durability over cheap plastic plugs, it’s good to see some size options.

Weight per pair: Small 0.65oz / Standard 0.9oz
Available in two sizes, small 22.2mm and standard 31mm.
Small size stays hidden under the grip and is extra hand-friendly for barspins.
Standard size is a traditional diameter and protects the grip end.
Made from long lasting 7075-T6 aluminum.
Simple installation with 6mm allen key.
Color: Black, Blue, Bronze

Kink Atlas Rims & Ideal Bar Ends


Kink Bikes are a few products shy of providing everything you need to make a 100% Kink Bike. Following the release of their Hubs last year, they have just released their second very own high-end Rim dubbed the Atlas. The Atlas Rim is extruded from industry standard 6061-T6 aluminum and features a low and sleek 15mm tall sidewall paired with a super wide 36mm profile for additional strength. This high quality welded seam Rim weighs in at 15.8oz and is available in Blue, Bronze and Black.

kink-ideal-barends-lil-flange-8001 kink-ideal-barends-bigflange-8001-550x242

If Plastic Barends just aint cutting it, then have a look at Kink’s new Ideal Bar ends. Available in two sizes, small 22.2mm and standard 31mm. The small size stays hidden under the grip and is extra hand-friendly for barspins, whilst the standard size is a traditional diameter and protects the grip end. These are made from long lasting 7075-T6 aluminum, and are available now in Black, Blue, Bronze.

Primo Alloy Barends


More riders seem to be switching back to Alloy Barends recently, the main reason being their superior durability. I know I have probably like four pairs of plastic plugs stuck in my bars at the moment…

Primo will be releasing their own Alloy screw-in Barends that will included in their 2014 parts range that will be dropping soon. Screw em’ in, leave them, don’t worry about being impaled on your Bars. Simple.