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90East H.N.I.C Bars and Skatestopper Kit


The guys at 90East have been mighty busy of recent, coming in from the streets into the shops with these fine offerings of their H.N.I.C (use your imagination…) V2 4 piece bars and a set of the most popular skatestopper tools.  The bars are post weld heat treated, multi butted 4130 chromoly and come in at 8.75″ rise, 28″ width, 10 degrees of backsweep and 4 degrees of upsweep; a modestly yet functionally sized bar for the streets.
The 90East Skatestopper tools come with a 3/8″ socket adapter for ease of use with your normal 3/8″ socket wrench.
Both of these can be found at any of 90East’s worldwide dealers now.


Skapegoat Bob Bars And The Case For Bike Fitting


I’ve been holding off writing anything about Skapegoat’s Bob Scerbo bars for a little while, not least for their rich yet turbulent history that has already been well documented (let’s break it down briefly for anyone who’s not up to speed; GT made them originally, Bob had his Animal signature bars made in their image, Animal made them bigger for the masses, Bob didn’t like that, 7.8″ versions stopped being made, everyone missed them, a few imitations and variations got made, Bob didn’t like that either so he had some made by S&M under his Skapegoat brand) but because I knew a follow up to the original DIG Bob bar article would surely surface sooner or later.  In said ‘Opinionated‘ article, Brian Tunney brings up some interesting points about bar sizes and angles and speculates as to why some people may or may not still be into these iconic street-specific bars.  While there are things in his article I may disagree with to a small degree, the discussion about bar sizes and angles is a subject often avoided that I and many others take a great amount of interest in. Continue reading

Wethepeople Sterling 4-Piece Bars


It’s been a while in the making but they’re finally here; Wethepeople’s Pete Sawyer signature 4-piece Sterling bars.  With their 4 degree of upsweep and tall 9.5 inch rise these are sure to feel great roasting around your local spots and the straight gauge 4130 construction to make sure they last a beating. Check out the full specs below and hit up your local BMX shop and get them to order you a set if they’re your bag.


MATERIAL: full liquid post heat-treated 4130 “M2“ chromoly
TUBING: plain gauge tubing for extra strength
RISE: 9.5″
WIDTH: 29″
BACKSWEEP: 11 degrees
UPSWEEP: 4 degrees
SPECIAL FEATURES: dual radius bends for extra strength,
4pc construction
COLOURS: gloss black, matt black, gloss white, nickel
WEIGHT: 894g (31.5oz : 1.97lbs)

Shadow Conspiracy Crowbar and Gipsy Grips


We saw them very briefly in The Union‘s coverage of last year’s Interbike trade show but here they are again; the Johnny Devlin signature Shadow Conspiracy Crowbar, this time coupled with Simone Barraco’s signature Gipsy grips in a rather fetching cream/tan/beige/khaki colourway instead of plain old gloss black like last time.  With it’s 4-piece construction, Shadow’s own tear-drop crossbar tubing and 10 inch rise (a smaller size is reportedly going to be available too) these steering wings are sure to stand out in the crowd.


The Gipsy grips will, according to Shadow’s Interbike booth placards, be 170mm long and made of their own propriety ‘DCR formula’ rubber.  Both the bars and grips are samples at this current time so keep your eyes peeled for more info on when these are to be released.

Demolition 8.25″ Rise RIG Bars


It’s funny how things come full circle… Demolition gives a perfect example of this with their Dennis Enarson signature RIG bars which they have brought out in a lower 8.25 inch rise for those out there who want (or simply need) an alternative to the gigantic bars a lot of companies are releasing these days.  The 8.25″ RIG’s keep their 12º backsweep, 2º upsweep and the same 13 butted heat treated chromoly construction as the respective 9″ and 9.25″ versions.

Flybikes 2016 Fuego Frame And Bars


Devon Smillie’s signature Flybikes Fuego frame underwent a few significant tweaks for 2016, the most notable being the addition of external head tube gussets as well as the existing internal ones that Fly utilises and the shift from Fly’s proprietary Spanish BB to a larger Mid;

For 2016, Devon wanted to make a few changes to his Fuego frame. The first thing you will notice is that we’ve added external gussets. These gussets are an addition to the internal integrated gussets we already utilize on the frame, making for an extremely strong front end. Next, we’ve raised the seat tube height a half inch to 9.25″ and shortened the back end to 13.35″ making for a strong frame that’s built to take on the streets.  We have also added an additional top tube length for those of you who are looking for a smaller frame. This year, the Fuego will be available in 21″ and 20.5″ top tube lengths. We have also switched to a Mid bottom bracket to accommodate our new 24mm Dolmen cranks, the spindle size was too large for Spainish bearings, and our traditional Dylan removable brake mounts for a clean looking frame for brakeless riders.

FUEGO_insta_1 (1)

Top tube: 20.5” / 21”
Head tube angle: 75.5º
Seat tube angle: 71º
BB height: 11.75”
Stand over: 9.25”
Chain stay length: 13.35”
Weight: 2.531 kg. / 5.57lb. (21″)
Colours: semi-translucent brown, flat grey, trans black.


The Fuego bars are also now available in a higher 9.5 inch rise for those of you on the tall side.  The Fuego bars and frame are out now in some countries with others following close behind, get your local shop to grab a set if they are your bag.

Rise: 9”  or 9.5”
Width: 29”
Back-sweep: 10º
Up-sweep: 3º
Weight: 796g / 1.75 lbs. (9″)
Colours: semi-translucent brown or trans black

BSD Zingbars


Well, I’ve got some catching up… The dudes at BSD dropped this sweet little promo for Liam ‘Leezy’ Zingberg’s (what a name!) signature Zingbars that are hitting shops very soon.  Liam wanted something a tad loftier than the popular 9″ Giraffic bars so BSD hooked him up with a 9.25″ rise for his signature bars;

Post-weld heat treated 4130 chromoly
9.25″ rise
29″ wide
2° upsweep
11° backsweep
1.75 lbs
Available in black, clear coat raw or chrome finish.


Head over to BSD for a closer look and get onto your local bike shop about ordering a pair up.

Terrible One Classic Bars


Spotted over on their Instagram page, Terrible One have released these USA made Classic bars that you can bet your bottom dollar on to last for years to come. With their 8.85″ rise, 3 degrees of up sweep, 12 degrees of back sweep, 29.25″ width and straight gauge 4130 chromoly tubing construction courtesy of none other but S&M Bikes, we think ‘Classic’ sums them up nicely.

Spotted: GT Four-Piece Bars


Originally posted over at The Union, here we can see a cheeky glimpse at GT‘s prototype-remakes of their classic 4-piece bars of which Animal’s discontinued Bob Scerbo bars were based upon.  There’s no information on release dates, sizes or specs as of yet (other than they’ll come in black and chrome…) but here’s to hoping they stay true to the originals.