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Exclusive Sneak Peak: Division Brand Complete Bikes


Complete bikes have really changed since I started riding. You can now go out and find a bike specialized to what you want to ride, in the size you want, that comes with the parts you need. That is exactly what Division did, and they brought out 3 models built to take on a handrail straight out of a box. Besides that, they’re some of the best looking bikes I’ve seen in the last few years. I’ll let the photos and specs speak for themselves.

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BMX Shoes: What’s your footwork formula?


Similar to if I’d have set out to ask, what grip do you swear by, this one’s going to divide every single one of us. Sure, most will answer ODIs, that’s logical as near every popular grip on the market stems from the ‘mushroom’ style. But, there will always be a hardcore who swears by something entirely different. For me personally, it’s the new-ish FBM Double Fister. Last year it was a T1 grip. Tomorrow it could be something entirely different. Footwear is just as divisive a topic…

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Review- Halo Priest Wheelset

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There is a lack of good, honest and impartial product reviews in BMX right now. Parts aren’t cheap, and in an already heavily saturated market, a few nice words about the paint finish in a magazine doesn’t really cut it when you’re about to part with your hard earned cash and need some insight into how good a product really is.

You guys asked us to step up to the plate and that we have. Here is the first of many reviews we have got going for this year and forward into 2014. We want to be the most helpful BMX product site out there, so we decided to take a selection of parts and give them to a real, everyday riders to see how they fair up to just about everything you guys are going to put them through.

Halo Wheels got in touch and sent us a pair of their new Matt Priest Signature Wheels to test out and see what we made of them. We fired them over to our resident wheel destroyer and grind enthusiast Mark Sutton to see how they held up to the dirtiest peg chinks, hang ups and cases known to man.

Click through to see how they held up…

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Cult 9 Inch Bars.

Bars keep getting bigger and bigger these days, I remember when 9 Inch Bars were a joke!

Cult are releasing their Leader Bars in a whopping 9 Inches of rise later this spring and it looks like they will be adding two new colors to their range to match, black chrome and matt blue. Nice.

Subrosa Forever Pivotal Seat.

Subrosa just released this sneak peek of their latest Pivotal offering.

“Got some samples rolling into town, so I’ll be leaking a few more things to ya as well, but for now check out the Mid version of our Forever Pivotal Seat in Red. This will be available in slim and mid, and along with this Red will be  Black and Grey. Available worldwide in Spring 2012.”


Odyssey Aitken 2.35 Tyre.

If you like your tyres with a bit more grit your are going to dig this (pardon the pun). As we mentioned last month, Odyssey’s ever popular Aitken Tyre has been given a size boost.

As per Mike Aitken’s request, his knobby tire is now available in a bigger 20X2.35 size. Sounds wild I know, but it works! Click below for a comparison with the original 20×2.125 size.

Black w/ Tanwall and White w/ Tanwall coming soon!”

EDIT I’ve just been informed that the Street version of this tyre has also been released in 2.10″, so a perfect match for the back!

Hit up IMG in the UK to find out how you can get your dirty hands on one of these puppies.

USA dealers please contact QBPSBSCustom CycleJ&B or Full Factory Distribution.

Fiend Prototype Pivotal Seat.

Ever since Fiend products became available a few months back they have been selling like crazy! Check out this prototype Pivotal Seat that JJ Palmere is currently riding. Nothing too crazy just a nice alternative cover to the classic ever popular Fat Capital design. Kinda reminds me of the Ltd-edition denim seats that Odyssey used to make, always wanted them to make a pivotal version…

Hit up Seventies Distro to grab Fiend goods in the UK!

MacNeil Tabarnak Bars.

MacNeil’s new Tabarnak bar features full post weld heat treating, multi-butted Sanko tubing, 19mm cross bar and is available with 8.25″ or 8.75″ rise. The 8.25″ rise version is 28.5″ wide with 10º backsweep and 1º upsweep and the 8.75″ rise version is 30″ wide with 12º backsweep and 1º upsweep. Available colours are ED black, green, purple, raw and chrome.

KHE Greyhound Cassette Hub.

It’s been a while since KHE released a hubset. Check out their new super lightweight female axle Cassette and matching Front Hub they are calling the Greyhound Hubs.

“Greyhound is the name from our new hub range, these nice and slim cassette hub comes with female bolts. Never again any outstanding axles ends at our bike, cause of a easy assembling bolt system. The awesome weight is another positve effect from a nice cassette female hub.”

  • Bolt cassette hub 10/14mm axle
  • Fits in 14mm dropout + locked by a 10mm bolt
  • 118mm inner CrMo axle + 3/8 24 tpi CrMo bolt
  • 17mm wrench and 8mm allen key
  • 36H
  • Colour: grey
  • Weight: 360g

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