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Pressing Issues: How To Install A Press-Fit BB

I really gotta stop posting these ‘red-herrings’. I just like fucking with you people though. For the record; not a press-fit BB…

You kick your front foot back hard, scooping the pedal back and flicking the cranks around underneath you with your battered Vans.  Something is wrong.  Your cranks squeak to a halt a mere 180 degrees from their original position.  Your feet slap down anti-climatically upon the asphalt.  Your heel-bruise worsens.  The attractive woman who was showing mild interest as she walked past looks away in embarrassment and quickens her pace.  Your peers nonchalantly look back down to their smartphones in silence; Courage Adams just posted on Insta and he actually lands his tricks… You try again- you kick back harder, grunt a little, people can smell your desperation now.  This time you get a better grip of the remaining three pins left in your pedal.  ‘This is the one…’ you think, ‘the fist bumps are coming my way.’
As you lay there, tangled among steel tubes, bleeding from a chunk missing from your Achilles tendon (probably caused by a Schrödinger’s pedal; a pedal that paradoxically seems unable to grip the bottom of your shoes yet will savagely butcher any part of your body it may end up touching) with your pride in tatters, thinking ‘Maybe I should make crankflips easy for myself and just ride a cassette…. like Courage.’  you might be better off by simply lubing your chain and changing your bottom bracket.

There are plenty of crank installation videos out there, this Merritt one being the latest example.  While it gives you some good pointers on crank installation, it completely skips the BB installation stage so today I’m going to take you through what it takes to properly measure and install your new bottom bracket like a goddamn… god!  We’ve all seen a number of wrong ways to fit a BB; some accidental, some on purpose, and with the evolution of the BB slowed down to a halt on the extremely efficient press-fit Mid sized BB shell, I’d say it’s high time to explain how to install the sucker correctly. Continue reading

What is Investment Casting?

Pre-welded WTP Cream headtube; the lack of welds around the head tube-top tube/ down tube junction make this part considerably stronger.

‘Investment casting’ is a term that seems to be popping up on the spec sheets of a whole ton of BMX parts right now… but what exactly is it?  By all outward appearances you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a manufacturing process that, using some kind of witchcraft, turns your component (be it forks, frame or cranks) into one solid piece of metal. Right?  Not quite.  Walk with me;

Pre-welded investment cast seat cluster; this eliminates any deformities and subsequent seat post fitting issues that can be caused by welding this section together.

Continue reading

Eclat Aeon Crank


Eclat just posted a sneak peek at their new Aeon Crank which will be available next month. Looks like a 22mm 2pc crank with some kind of expanding wedge system.

These are a 2pc 22mm crank using our new ESS (Expanding Spline System) making them incredibly strong, yet super easy to install and remove. No more taking a hammer to your cranks ever again.


Spotted – Primo 2pc Powerbite crank


As seen over on our Instagram page, is a look at a new Alloy Crank Primo are working on. Using the new almost 15 year old Powerbite crank, it looks like the boys in Cali have made it two piece and are now using a 16 spline pinch interface rather than the traditional square-taper the original crank were always famous for. Looking forward to seeing more on these soon…

New Mutiny Products available now


A lot of people have been patiently waiting for Mutiny‘s new product line to drop. Well for those guys today is your lucky day. After quite a await the full 2015 line is now available from Mutiny dealers worldwide!

Today we are proud to announce that all of our new products are now available at mail orders and distributions worldwide. This new range has been in the works for a while and we are really proud with how it turned out. From a new signature frame for Grant Castelluzzo, revisions on all our frames and components, as well as the new camouflage finish. We pride ourselves on constantly updating and improving our products to keep the clean and strong, this batch is no different. Make sure you head over for all of the info on the new line as well as to check out all things going on here with Mutiny. Thank you for your support

Tyler Fernengel Video Bike Check

Tyler Fernengel is a straight up boss. Take a look at his current Haro setup that’s decked out with a heap of Demolition parts including a few samples like the 24mm Dennis Enarson signature Rig Cranks and Tires which should both be available later this year. Big fan of the fatter Tripod style seat on there, should start seeing a lot more Tripod options available this year…

Profile Racing Chrome Column Cranks


Profile Racing have just released their new 22mm Column cranks in Chrome. These cranks are available in No-Boss, 175mm arms only and include the 22mm chromoly GDH spindle with 10mm alloy bolts. If regular 19mm splined cranks just aint cutting it then it might be worth looking at the Columns especially since they also come with a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser!

Vocal DRS Bottom Bracket Promo

Vocal’s Ashley Douglas talks you through their new DRS Bottom Bracket which uses an adjustable clutch plate to provide friction and keep your cranks from moving when your feet come off. Whilst this is probally the last thing you want to purchase if you like your crankflips, I can see this as a really good investment if you do a lot of tailwhips and no-footed tricks.

The DRS Bottom Bracket is available as a full BB kit as well an upgrade kit of ryour Mid or Spnaish 19 or 22mm existing bottom bracket. Go hit the Vocal site for more info.