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Lairdframe Promo Video

It’s no secret that lately Mike Laird has been killing it just as much in his frame fabrication as he ever did during his pro riding career but the promotional video above gives us a good insight into just why his frames are so special.  We’ll let Mike do the talking but it’s great to see such attention to welds, as the saying goes; a chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link.


Exclusive Interview with Patrick Banks from Limit Fabrications


We’ve had a few US-based guys talk to us about the custom frames they put out, and so far we’ve loved what we’v seen. Hopefully it’s inspired some of you to go and purchase some of these frames yourselves and support the rider-owned and operated scene that these guys have created for the custom frame market. For this week’s interview, we go across the Atlantic to Patrick Banks, one of the UK’s finest custom frame builder. We hope this helps to cater to our audience from around the world, while showcasing another frame building legend. Click through to peep the full interview and some photos of the frames.

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PIR Top Caps

image Custom frame builder Malo Tostivint of PIR posted this photo of his exquisitely machined M25 fork top caps for his own custom made forks (but would obviously fit any fork with M25 threads…) on his Facebook page and we thought it was worth a post. Happy bike porning people.

Exclusive: Interview on Custom Frames with Mike Laird and Laird Frames


When i first started looking into this series, the first brands that came to mind were FBM, Solid, and Standard. These were the companies I grew up idolizing for their work and attention to detail, and I couldn’t wait to get an inside look at what they do, and pick their brain about some of the products they put out. Over the last few years though, there has been an increase in companies putting out custom work, like Pedal Driven, Limit Frabications, and Laird Frames, and so we figured that it’d be awesome to get their input on the market, along with letting them speak about their work, for this exclusive series. With that being said, this week’s interview is with Mike Laird of Laird Frames. Click through for the full interviews and some more photos…

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Exclusive: Interview on Custom Frames with Steve Crandall and FBM Bike Co


Over the next weeks we’ll be interviewing some of the guys behind the brands that are putting out custom frames. With all the available options out there for frames, it seems like there should be something out there for everyone, yet these guys say otherwise. So we shot out some emails, asked a few questions, and gave these guys a chance to explain things like what caused them to start doing custom frames, and why their frames are better than anything else on the market. Without any more of my rambling, first on the list is FBM Bike Co, with Steve Crandall giving us an insight to what goes on in their shops. Click through for the full interview…

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PiR Custom Street Frame


We’re straying away from the usual business of reporting on today’s more popular companies’ releases towards something a little more underground; here we have PiR’s Malo Tostivint‘s latest pop at a custom made street frame.  With amazing details like the stylish built-in pivotal post, bullet capped stays, double open-ended head tube gussets and a custom seat stay bridge; this is a first rate frame and we can’t help but feel overwhelmed with jealousy towards the lucky owner.

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The Union- The Art Of Headtube Badges


Kurt over at The Union posted this awesome piece on the ultimate of bike-porn components; headtube badges.  It’s well worth a read, he covers a lot of the classics like the S&M badge as well as a few you might not have seen.  I particularly liked the ‘Adam LZ‘ BMW style badge shown below because it (inadvertently, I’m sure…) reminds me of the old GSport t-shirt from way back.


What Do You Do With Your Old Bike Parts?

Nathan Goring used his old cassette drivers to make these awesome drawer handles (after a bit of scrubbing, no one likes chain grease on their undies)

*Updates at the bottom of the page*

With Christmas only just gone I bet a few of you got fresh bits for your bike, so what do you end up doing with those haggard old tyres amongst other things that are utterly useless to us riders after a good thrashing?  While cycling of all kinds is indeed very ‘green’ the manufacturing of your pride and joy is not quite so environmentally friendly (eg. For every tonne of steel made approximately 1.9 tonnes of carbon dioxide is produced) so upcycling your old parts is a great way to combat the needless waste of throwing away old parts. Check out some examples after the jump…

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Introducing : “DIY”


We’re launching a new feature on the site called “DIY”. We want to showcase your original modifications, custom parts and bespoke designs. If you have something creative that you think we should feature on the site, upload your photo on to Instagram with the tag #DIYTHEMERGED and we’ll chose a handful to document on the site.

It could be anything from home made hub guards and custom paint jobs, all the way to a fully CNC’d one-off stems or sprockets. We’re looking forward to seeing some real originality and creativity in what you guys come up with!!

Carson Leh Seats Promo

Damn this is rad. If you liked the look of Carson Leh’s custom leather seats we posted last week, you should make sure you check out this rad promo video he just released giving you an in depth look at what he does.

Carson Leh has been making custom leather bicycle seats and cycling accessories for 4 years. He started in 2010 recovering torn BMX saddles and in 2013 he founded Leh Seats. He not only manufactures leather bike saddles and handle bar tape, but has recently branched out with new leather goods such as Macbook cases. He produces small production run leather goods for contract in the USA. Filmer Brian Chace of visited his Austin based workshop this winter to speak with him about his work and inspiration from brogue wingtip dress shoe and boot making. This short film shows the process of one of his custom made BMX seats. Each BMX seat is guaranteed for life against tears. You can find him at or on Instagram @lehseats.