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The Inaccuracy Of Tyre Labelling/ The Birth Of The 21″ Wheel


The term ’20 inch bike’ gets thrown around a lot, usually by douchebag pseudo-journalists like me trying to contextualise their gonzo style drivel about dudes riding or making little 20 inch kids stunt bikes… see, i’m at it again. Cruising on the interwebiverse one day I came across this photo on 22 inch BMX‘s Facebook/Instagram/whatever of Kye Forte’s ride;


The striking thing about it is the addition of 22 inch forks and front wheel whilst the rear wheel remains 20 inch… yet, somehow, it doesn’t look too odd at all.  While one could argue all day about the benefits or hindrances this set up might provide(a big one being head angle, but I’ll get to that shortly) one thought awoke and wouldn’t slumber; what even makes it a 22 inch wheel? What, for that matter, makes a 20 inch wheel a 20 inch wheel?! Continue reading

Are Bikes As Good As They Will Ever Get?

Probably the most time saving invention to be applied to BMX’s; the press-fit Mid BB

Fourteen years have flown by since I first walked into a bike shop as a twelve year old, decided that mountain biking was far too expensive a pursuit for my budget and rather than dispiritedly retreating out the shop door back in front of the TV, I opted for a BMX bike.  For a young boy I think it was the most logical of choices, primarily for steering away from my previous life as a reclusive Playstation enthusiast but also the kind of bike I chose to do it on.  BMX caught my eye that day with its sheer stripped back simplicity that no other cycling sub-culture had bred before.

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What is Investment Casting?

Pre-welded WTP Cream headtube; the lack of welds around the head tube-top tube/ down tube junction make this part considerably stronger.

‘Investment casting’ is a term that seems to be popping up on the spec sheets of a whole ton of BMX parts right now… but what exactly is it?  By all outward appearances you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a manufacturing process that, using some kind of witchcraft, turns your component (be it forks, frame or cranks) into one solid piece of metal. Right?  Not quite.  Walk with me;

Pre-welded investment cast seat cluster; this eliminates any deformities and subsequent seat post fitting issues that can be caused by welding this section together.

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What Do You Do With Your Old Bike Parts?

Nathan Goring used his old cassette drivers to make these awesome drawer handles (after a bit of scrubbing, no one likes chain grease on their undies)

*Updates at the bottom of the page*

With Christmas only just gone I bet a few of you got fresh bits for your bike, so what do you end up doing with those haggard old tyres amongst other things that are utterly useless to us riders after a good thrashing?  While cycling of all kinds is indeed very ‘green’ the manufacturing of your pride and joy is not quite so environmentally friendly (eg. For every tonne of steel made approximately 1.9 tonnes of carbon dioxide is produced) so upcycling your old parts is a great way to combat the needless waste of throwing away old parts. Check out some examples after the jump…

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EXCLUSIVE : Fiend Garrett Reynolds signature line


Damn we have something special for you today! To say Garrett Reynolds is a good bike rider is probably the understatement of the century. After pretty much re-inventing street riding, winning every major street contest and releasing one of the best video parts of all time, the BMX world have been waiting for his signature frame from his own brand Fiend like a kid on christmas morning for about 3 years now. I mean it’s a testament to how humble Garrett is that he waits until all of the PRO team have a signature line first before giving him self a frame.

Well today the speculation on one of the most anticipated frames in BMX history can stop. We are proud to have the exclusive first look at Garrett Reynolds’ signature frame, bars, stem and seat from Fiend.

Check it all out HERE >>>

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Drawing Board – S&M and the Integrated Headset


It’s been a while since I’ve sat down an done another Drawing Board article, so for this one I thought I’d do a big one. The Integrated Headset has to be one of the most practical, cost effective and simple solutions to ensuring that your bars turn and spin like they should do, and despite the simplicity of the system we use today, its taken a long time for BMX to adopt a system that truly works.

I decided to do some re-search and hit up the man responsible for bringing the Intergrated Headset into the norm, S&M Bike‘s Chris Moeller…

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The Set Trippin Stems


Marc from The Set over in Oz hit us up with an exclusive first look at their new Trippin Stems. If you’re looking to pick one up I’d suggest hitting g up your local The Set dealer today as these things are super limited.

Here are our limited edition  ‘ Trippin ‘  version stems. We decided to offer something slightly different without the price hike & fancy finishes. The logo was originally used on our East coast trip a couple years back and we did a version included in our sticker pack which riders keep asking for so here’s the next Trip.  Limited to, 30 wrangler,33 Blackout & 22 Two Inch Punch stems. Black only. Available world wide in a few weeks!

Take a closer look at all three Stems after the jump…

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Product Focus – New United Frames and Parts

united_mothership_v3_gb_9 - Copy

United are always on the ball working on new products. Their Summer range of frames and parts will be available real soon, and here is an exclusive first look at what you can expect to see in stores. Whilst some products get a subtle revise, other have been completely scrapped, taken back to the drawing board and redesigned. Highlights for this year have to be the new G-Slat Frame and Grip, new 2.4″ Gum and Grey Tires as well as a new Mothership Frame in that Forest Camo that a lot of you got excited about.

Take a look at a whole new range of Frames, Bars, Pedals, Tires and more that will be arriving later this Summer.

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Exclusive – Mankind Epoch Stems


Hamburg based brand Mankind have updated their street friendly Epoch Front & Top Load Stems as well as the addition of a third Riser version to the range. Christoph from Mankind hit us up with an exclusive first look at their new beefed up Stems which will be available real soon. Here’s what he had to say;

For 2014 the Mankind Epoch Front & Top Load Stems have been updated with a cnc machined shape face lift, a recessed fork bolt area and thicker solid stem bolts with larger 6mm bolt heads. These two beauties will be out in about a month (oil slick finish in summer). Further we have added the Mankind Epoch Riser Stem to our stem options, which is to come out this summer.

Click through to check out the full range in closer detail…

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Carson Leh Custom Seats

Custom-Leather-Bmx-pivotal-SL-Chaos-symbol-ODI-Custom-leather-lock-on-grips-hand-made-Austin-Texas-BMX-brogue-Leh-Seats  6 copy

Carson Leh is a name I had been seeing pop up a lot this past year. I first saw his beautiful handcrafted leather covered seats a few years ago and was actually one of the first things I ever posted on the site. I’ve always been really excited by custom work, especially with things that take time and dedication to learn. Carson’s seats are of an incredibly high quality and are made to order and available directly off his website.

He recently got in touch and sent over some photos of his latest masterpieces. Click through to check out some of the best custom leatherwork BMX has ever seen.  Continue reading