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Subrosa Kobra Sprocket And Maya Grips


The Shadow Conspiracy‘s Instagram has been alive with these little gems in the last few days or so, Lahasaan Kobza’s signature Kobra sprocket and Joris Coulomb’s Maya grips.  While there’s very little info on these bits there will more than likely be a 25 tooth and almost definitely a 28 tooth version of the Kobra sprocket (as that’s the size Lasahaan rides) It also has two sprocket bolt holes so you can have the cobra design the right way up whether you’re predominantly right or left foot forward.  The Maya grips look particularly inviting with their smoothed honeycomb style grip and small flanges that taper slightly wider than the rest of the grip at the ends.  Both of these will be out next month so keep an ear out on Shadow’s Instagram for when they drop.

Shadow Conspiracy Crowbar and Gipsy Grips


We saw them very briefly in The Union‘s coverage of last year’s Interbike trade show but here they are again; the Johnny Devlin signature Shadow Conspiracy Crowbar, this time coupled with Simone Barraco’s signature Gipsy grips in a rather fetching cream/tan/beige/khaki colourway instead of plain old gloss black like last time.  With it’s 4-piece construction, Shadow’s own tear-drop crossbar tubing and 10 inch rise (a smaller size is reportedly going to be available too) these steering wings are sure to stand out in the crowd.


The Gipsy grips will, according to Shadow’s Interbike booth placards, be 170mm long and made of their own propriety ‘DCR formula’ rubber.  Both the bars and grips are samples at this current time so keep your eyes peeled for more info on when these are to be released.

Fly Bikes Earth Brown Colourway

Earth Brown_insta_2_1

A little late off the mark but computers are a bugger like that, unlike bikes.  If pastel colour schemes are your thing then Fly BikesEarth Brown colourway might be your bag, be it you ride trails, live in a swamp or are just a bit of hippie, Fly have you covered with the Ruben’s Rampera tyre, pedals and grips (Roey and Devon Smille’s signature grips get the treatment too) All are set to hit shops with the rest of their 2016 parts later this year.

April Fools Best Bits


As is tradition in BMX all the stops are pulled and the industry sets out to start a shit storm for the gullible and superficial alike, this year was no different. Here we have our selection of our favourite prank parts ranging from Merritt’s Brian Foster clip-in pedals to Blank’s spray on grips.  I won’t lie, I’m disappointed we didn’t see a Leonardo Da Vinci piece formed into a Profile Racing stem but I guess there’s always next year.



Stranger Eric L Grips


Our favourite pegless street god Eric Lichtenberger is being blessed with a signature grip from the boys at Stranger. This thin flangless beauty features a unique ribbed design and will be coming in Black, Gum and even a transparent version?…

BSD Dan Paley Thins Grips


Your favourite riders, favourite rider is getting a signature grip from BSD and damn does it look good. The Thins grips use a classic mushroom pattern with a super sticky compound and long 160mm length making them simply irresistible. Go grab a pair when they are out next month and keep the food on Paley’s table.

The Union Products: Vol. 123


This time on The Union’s Products feature Kurt looks at the High Rise stem from Kink, Garrett Reeves’ signature grips from Sunday Bikes, the Team sprocket from Freed Bikes, Simone Barraco’s signature Strada tire from The Shadow Conspiracy and finally the new Cult X Starter limited edition snapback hat… Kurt even sneaks in a t shirt of his own making at the end.  Go and have a butchers.


Spotted – Fit Dan Conway Savage Line


Looks like Fitbikeco are rewarding East Coast shredder Dan Conway with his very own signature frame, bar and grips. The “Savage” line will be out later this year, and whilst we dont have any specs yet, I’m thinking those bars are for sure on the +9.5″ side and that head tube s looking mighty steep…

Update: We have a second sneak peak of Dan Conway’s new Savage frame thanks to Jared Swafford who is also riding a prototype. The frame has a 13.25″ slammed rear end with a 75.5 degree head tube angle, and it’ll come in bunch of sizes including a manly 21.5 top tube size.

Check out Jared’s bike HERE… Continue reading

Volume VLM Grips


Volume Bikes just sent over some info on their new VLM Grips which will be available later this year. These things are looking seriously hand friendly…

“We just got samples of the new VLM Volume Bikes grips that we’ve had in the works. We are so stoked on how these came out with the chevron design. We wanted something similar to the classic mushroom design that has been such a comfortable staple in BMX for so long, similar to our sister brand Demolition Parts Missile grips.

But, we also wanted a design that would give some lateral resistance to prevent throttle grip that is common with the one directional vertical ribs of mushroom grips. That, combined with modern rubber compounds and technology available today that maximize longevity and right-out-of-the box cushy feel and grip, this is the end result and we are stoked! A couple of other small features you might notice is the slight knurling on the high flange and the low flanges to add a little extra grip. The VLM grip is being run by our Volume Bikes Team as they film for the upcoming #watchthefinerthings full length video, and they’ll be out in about 3 months in both flanged and flange-less options.”