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Exclusive: Interview on Custom Frames with Mike Laird and Laird Frames


When i first started looking into this series, the first brands that came to mind were FBM, Solid, and Standard. These were the companies I grew up idolizing for their work and attention to detail, and I couldn’t wait to get an inside look at what they do, and pick their brain about some of the products they put out. Over the last few years though, there has been an increase in companies putting out custom work, like Pedal Driven, Limit Frabications, and Laird Frames, and so we figured that it’d be awesome to get their input on the market, along with letting them speak about their work, for this exclusive series. With that being said, this week’s interview is with Mike Laird of Laird Frames. Click through for the full interviews and some more photos…

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The Inaccuracy Of Tyre Labelling/ The Birth Of The 21″ Wheel


The term ’20 inch bike’ gets thrown around a lot, usually by douchebag pseudo-journalists like me trying to contextualise their gonzo style drivel about dudes riding or making little 20 inch kids stunt bikes… see, i’m at it again. Cruising on the interwebiverse one day I came across this photo on 22 inch BMX‘s Facebook/Instagram/whatever of Kye Forte’s ride;


The striking thing about it is the addition of 22 inch forks and front wheel whilst the rear wheel remains 20 inch… yet, somehow, it doesn’t look too odd at all.  While one could argue all day about the benefits or hindrances this set up might provide(a big one being head angle, but I’ll get to that shortly) one thought awoke and wouldn’t slumber; what even makes it a 22 inch wheel? What, for that matter, makes a 20 inch wheel a 20 inch wheel?! Continue reading

Can You Dig It’s Brutally Honest Certified Helmet Buyers Guide


It’s the elephant in the room again… Jon at Can You Dig It posted this highly amusing review of all the CPSC/CE certified helmets he could get his shovel wielding hands on.  He gives each of them a fair trial before listing the positives and the negatives of which if we’re honest, we’re all more concerned about here.  He even picks a clear winner, we won’t reveal it here but I can tell you it’s (thankfully) not the ugly luminous green/black one that looks straight out of Starship Troopers.

Drawing Board – S&M and the Integrated Headset


It’s been a while since I’ve sat down an done another Drawing Board article, so for this one I thought I’d do a big one. The Integrated Headset has to be one of the most practical, cost effective and simple solutions to ensuring that your bars turn and spin like they should do, and despite the simplicity of the system we use today, its taken a long time for BMX to adopt a system that truly works.

I decided to do some re-search and hit up the man responsible for bringing the Intergrated Headset into the norm, S&M Bike‘s Chris Moeller…

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Magnetic Drive Hubs


This is rad. Working within the bike industry I’ve always got my eye out for upcoming technology from outside BMX, and lets face it, huge brands like Specialized have a hell of a lot more revenue to spend on R&D than say Odyssey so some pretty wild ideas get tried out. It looks like hub manufacturer DT Swiss along with component brand Spank are working on a mountain bike hub that uses magnets to engage the drive a opposed to the standard pawl/spring setup.

You can check out the full article HERE.

Pretty interesting concept and I’d love to see how this would work in person. Pretty sure there is some way you could get that setup to work as a freecoaster maybe?…

Industry – Input BMX

There is a real neat interview over on 2020 BMX with the owner of new Australian brand Input BMX. Instead of just cheery picking products out of a cataloge in Taiwan, Input design and manufacture ALL of their Stems, Pegs, Sprockets and more at home in Australia. It’s a real good read and covers a wide range of topics such as in-house production, 3D printing, hydro-wrapping and how to start your own projects.

Awesome to see some guys commit to doing something unique and different, excited to see more from Input in the future…

Eastern ‘Transcend’ Josh Perry Signature Frame


Eastern Bikes have been a bit quiet for a while after some big changes to their team, but this new signature Frame from park shredder Josh Perry might just put them back on your radar. The ‘Transcend’ frame is chock-a-block with modern aspects and geometry but it keeps the traditional double-diamond styling intact.

Click through see find out more!

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The Union- BMX Economics


In case you haven’t noticed the BMX industry is in a state of change right now. With many brands struggling and even shutting down altogether, there are a lot of factors that are helping and hindering the sport. Kurt over on The Union has put together an accurate and helpful article that gives you an incite into how your decisions will effect the state of the industry.

If you sit down and read one article this week, make it this one.