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The Union- The Art Of Headtube Badges


Kurt over at The Union posted this awesome piece on the ultimate of bike-porn components; headtube badges.  It’s well worth a read, he covers a lot of the classics like the S&M badge as well as a few you might not have seen.  I particularly liked the ‘Adam LZ‘ BMW style badge shown below because it (inadvertently, I’m sure…) reminds me of the old GSport t-shirt from way back.


Kink Stealth Pivotal Seat Tutorial

Kink dropped this little tutorial video explaining the benefits of the Stealth Pivotal Seat and Post. The main benefit other than the obvious aesthetic reason of getting rid of that fiddly old rubber flap is that you don’t necessarily need one to run the other if you’re on a tight budget; you can run an old pivotal seat on a stealth post and you can (if you’ve got a long enough allen key…) put a stealth seat on your old pivotal post.

Subrosa Street Rail


Another helpful products from the boys at Subrosa! If you’re always complaining you have nothing to ride then you’re in luck as they will be releasing a flat rail that you can buy and assemble and you’re ready to shred! The Street rail will be out this fall, check out what the guys had to say below…

“Something wicked this way comes. Introducing the Subrosa Street Rail. BMX specific, 8ft long, 18in tall, 2.25″ diameter round rail, hardened steel, disassembles for easy transport.

A great tool whether you are a pro using this as a fun warm up spot, or a rider just trying to build their rail confidence and trick list.

That pretty much sums up your new favorite spot. Available at shops and mailorders worldwide this fall.”

Spotted – Subrosa Combat Light


First locks, now lights. Subrosa is expanding it’s range of safety and security accessories tailor made for BMX riders. The new Combat lights will be available this fall, and simply clip on to your bars/seatpost with a rubberized clip.

No one like a nasty fine from the cops for riding at night without lights, so having a pair of these in your bag for the ride home in the evening. Smart and affordable, what’s not to like?

The Union Chris Silva Animal Axle Nuts Interview


Jewels!’, ‘Nads!’ i hear a lot of riders howling on facebook over the subject on Animal‘s yet-to-be-released Chris Silva signature axle nuts but unlike it’s predecessors it’s available for female axles; of which are usually a massive pain in the arse for us grinding-pegless folk (*sticks out chest*) Interestingly, the female option comes with an added recessed allen key slot inside the socket fitting.  Head over to The Union to read the interview Kurt did with Chris on the subject of these nuts and grinding in general, ’tis a good’un.

Review – Cinema Waxed Rucksack


Whether your heading out on a three week road trip or just need something to carry your helmet and tools when you head down the skatepark, ever bike rider owns a back pack. After 10 years of riding I’ve owned a huge amount of back packs. Some of them were expensive top of the line models, others were a cheap five pound jobby from the local sports shop, but it’s fair to say they all suffered an incredible amount of abuse from me and what a bag can go through on the average weekend of BMX. My current bag had seen better days, so when Snap Distribution fired over one of Cinema‘s new Waxed Rucksacks for me to test out and I jumped at the chance to give it a go and see how it fared up…

Click through to read the full review.  Continue reading

Subrosa Spring 2014 Products Print Ad


Hit the pic for a  close up of the photo and try not to dribble, here’s Subrosa‘s spring 2014 product line in its entirety on this print ad found in Dan’s Comp’s latest catalogue.  All these bits ‘n’ bobs are being shipped worldwide as I type (with one hand) and will be with your local Subrosa dealer or mail order any day now.  Watch this space for more info as it comes…. and somebody please get me one of those cool-ass rucksacks.

New Verde Website/ Scout 12″


Verde‘s new site is as you’d expect anything from them to be; clean as a whistle.  It even loaded relatively quick on my ropey 10 year old laptop (Windows XP fo lyf!)  Cruising through the bikes section looking for something noteable, I came across this;


I’d have loved one of these as a kid! The ‘Scout‘ 12 inch bike shown above and below has an integrated headset, inflatable tyres and even tapered forks for a great looking, solid construction far surpassing the quality of pretty much every balance-bike out there.  Extra points for the frame pad too(…I’m a sucker for a good frame pad)  It’s great to see a company who pay attention to every detail and don’t just palm off the younger generation of riders with cheap tat. Go check out Verde‘s site for more on their rad bikes and parts line.


Subrosa Venom Denim Backpack


A treat for all you nomads out there, a decent BMX bag!  I say ‘bag’ but this denim ‘Venom Backpack‘ from Subrosa better resembles a scaled down military bergen rucksack (which is why I would say this is my favourite BMX bag to date) with it’s detachable side bags and easy access draw-string main compartment.  Click for more…. Continue reading