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Top 5 Pegs


Being a sad pegless guy for the last 10 years hasn’t done much for my knowledge of grinding apparatus, and I know I’ll be hounded to the ends of the earth, not to mention strung up by my cock and balls by a rabble of peg-thugs for not doing a grind-related top 5; so I sorted it.  Don’t go saying I don’t treat you right.  For a change, this weeks panel consists of Ben Stringer, H.M.F.I.C. at BTN(Brighton) BMX Shop and Jonathan Rubbersmith, aliased industry insider with far too much to say for his own good… both seasoned grinders with a better idea about pegs than the pedal-grinding prick typing this. Continue reading

Fiend Belmont PC Pegs


For those who like an extra bit of length to their pegs will dig these; Fiend‘s Belmont PC pegs are a nylon sleeve pressed over 6061-T6 aluminium core for strength, come in longer-than-average 4.25″ or 4.5″ lengths, a 40mm diameter and undoubtedly slide like a dream.  They weigh 4.65 oz each, fit 14mm axles, include 3/8″ axle adapters and are available with black or polished cores from your local Fiend dealer now.

Dan Paley Rude Tube Plastic Pegs from BSD


Dan Paley is a street god. There’s no argument to be made there. Luckily, the guys over at BSD realized that and graced him with his own set of plastic pegs, dubbed the Rude Tubes. Definitely a good, funny name, and definitely a good sliding peg. These come in at 4.2″ inches long, with a 1.46″ inch diameter, and will be available for all you in 10 and 14 mm sizes. You can peep the full specs on the BSD product page, or stalk the BSD main site for all sorts of good posts. Stay grinding out there.

Demolition Bipolar Pegs


Demolition showed off their new Bipolar pegs a few weeks back at Interbike. based on their already very popular Dumbchuck pegs, these longer and slimmer versions are available with either an alloy or tougher chromoly core for those who aren’t scared of the occasional peg chink. Look out for these hitting stores around November time.

Subrosa Portable Street Rail

Even though I write this behind slightly gritted teeth after chipping my front ones on a rail the other week, this is seriously cool; Subrosa dropped this promo video demonstrating the ease with which their portable Street Rail is set up, ridden, and disassembled again, it collapses via allen key bolts into 4 ft sections for easy loading into cars and is (obviously) high, long and robust enough for BMX use.


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Tree Woodgrain Sneak Peek

Woodgrain sneek peak

Oh boy I do have a soft spot for woodgrain. The boy’s at Tree are at it again, and have a full range of parts available in this magically awesome finish, which lets be honest if any one is to make, it should be them.

Available in the next few months are pegs, bars, stems, sprockets, sprocket guards, headsets, forks and more all in this rather nice dark woodgrain. The more observant ones of you out there will notice Tree’s new Okan Fork which will be available soon. More on that one closer to Interbike….

The Union- Products: Vol. 113


For the 113th week running Kurt from The Union brings you a look into 5 popular components of which you could do worse than running on your own bike.  This week we get a glimpse at the new Raptor freecoaster from The Shadow Conspiracy, the limited edition French flag colourway Mini and Elite hubs from Profile Racing, the Octave fork from Sunday Bikes, the plastic Butter pegs from Cult, then we will wrap things up with the bearingless Senec plastic pedals from Kink.  Head over to The Union for more on these great parts.

GSport Van Peg Promo

Van Homan is a man of steel so it only makes sense his signature GSport Van Peg is made of Heat Treated 4140 Chromoly. Check out this awesome promo video of Van explaining why he wanted the peg the way it is, as well as some solid clips of Van slaying some rails.

Material: Heat Treated 4140
Length: 108mm / 4.25″
Diameter: 39mm / 1.5″
Configuration: 14mm or 3/8″
Rotation Positions: 3
Weight: 213 grams / 7.5oz

Profile 7075 Aluminium Pegs


If you’re a park rider who likes the odd ice-stall on the backboard but don’t want to run full -sized 4″ steel pegs then Profile Racing have re-released these 100mm 7075AL pegs that may be for you.  The peg is available in 3/8″ and 14mm versions with a 36mm diameter and at the weight of a small testi (3.17 oz)  Head over to the Profile Racing Webstore or get your local bike shop to get in touch via their website.

Lahsaan Kobza – Subrosa Power Pegs Promo

Subrosa just put out this new promo video featuring Lahsaan Kobza putting his signature Power pegs to the test. Take a peek, then go to your nearest Subrosa dealer and pick up a set!

“Subrosa pro rider Lahsaan Kobza shows you a few things that his signature Power Pegs were made for.

Designed to be strong, so they don’t wear down fast, and light weight so if you’re running 3 or 4 your bike too heavy.

Full T5 Deathproof heat treated 4140 chromoly, 4″ length, 34mm diameter, and includes free wax for smoothing out your favorite spot!

Filmed and Edited by Bobby Kanode