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Top 5 Pedals


Looks like you lot liked the whole fanzine-style ‘top 5 tyres’ thing I did last week so once again I teamed up with old school racer Chris Coutts and sad pegless guy Greg Pearson to briefly discuss our favourite pedal options available out there today.  As much as I try to keep things as balanced as possible there aren’t any aluminium pedals on the list, simply because cheap alloy pedals are rarer now and if you still ride them you probably know what you like already.  This isn’t a nostalgia-fest ‘top 5 pedals EVER’ kinda thing, it’s more of an ‘independent buyer’s guide’ so don’t go losing your shit over OG Cielinski’s not making the list like you did last week…  Just be thankful you’re not bolting on Crupi beartraps. Continue reading

Review: No More Bruised Heels- Footprint King Foam Insoles

If you had a pair of these in your shoes you'd be grinning ear to ear too
If you had a pair of these in your shoes you’d be grinning ear to ear too

“Two standing orders in this platoon.  One, take good care of your feet….”

This isn’t your usual test and review feature on The Merged but without a doubt the most important one to date.  In the classic 90’s flick Forest Gump when Lieutenant Dan tells the privates to take care of their feet, he’s on to something.  When I was diagnosed with type one diabetes a few years back I also was told that looking after my feet was something of great importance; any small cut or blister that got infected could lead to gangreen and a possible amputation… even though in reality any one could be in danger of that fate if they neglected their tootsies.

Luckily we riders usually ride in places where cut, wet feet are a very small danger.  Our biggest problems are the blunt impacts we take on a day to day basis; bruised heels being the big one. For anyone who hasn’t yet experienced the excruciating phenomena that is bruised heels, it’s classically caused by a number of misplaced foot-dabs that one after the other will make your feet increasingly sore and make you think ‘this is what it must feel like to replace my heels with testicles.’  The worst part is that you are rarely off your feet and while in recovery, the smallest foot dab will take you right back to square one; hopping around crying like a little girl with a skinned knee. Continue reading

Can You Dig It’s Brutally Honest Certified Helmet Buyers Guide


It’s the elephant in the room again… Jon at Can You Dig It posted this highly amusing review of all the CPSC/CE certified helmets he could get his shovel wielding hands on.  He gives each of them a fair trial before listing the positives and the negatives of which if we’re honest, we’re all more concerned about here.  He even picks a clear winner, we won’t reveal it here but I can tell you it’s (thankfully) not the ugly luminous green/black one that looks straight out of Starship Troopers.

Exclusive – Wethepeople Sterling Frame & Fork Test

The observant of you will have noticed a few changes with The Merged recently. Namely our shiny new logo as well as a few minor cosmetic changes to the site. With all these changes, we got thinking. As fun as it posting content from all the awesome brands we get to work with, we decided that it was time for us to up the amount of original content we produce and start doing our own series of web edits dedicated to testing out some of the new products we get sent, and seeing how they perform once built up.

What you see above is the first in a series of exclusive product tests here on The Merged in collaboration with our regular contributor Yakob Swyer, our new filmer/editor and art director Sam White and the rest of the team. So for the first test, the good folks over at Wethepeople hooked us up with a beautifully slick Pete Sawyer signature Sterling frame and fork combo in Chrome to test out on the mean streets of *eh-hem* Surrey and Sussex… and we were only too happy to oblige. We’re super stoked on the end result and cant wait to start working on the next one! We hope you enjoy it!

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Review – Cinema Waxed Rucksack


Whether your heading out on a three week road trip or just need something to carry your helmet and tools when you head down the skatepark, ever bike rider owns a back pack. After 10 years of riding I’ve owned a huge amount of back packs. Some of them were expensive top of the line models, others were a cheap five pound jobby from the local sports shop, but it’s fair to say they all suffered an incredible amount of abuse from me and what a bag can go through on the average weekend of BMX. My current bag had seen better days, so when Snap Distribution fired over one of Cinema‘s new Waxed Rucksacks for me to test out and I jumped at the chance to give it a go and see how it fared up…

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BMX Shoes: What’s your footwork formula?


Similar to if I’d have set out to ask, what grip do you swear by, this one’s going to divide every single one of us. Sure, most will answer ODIs, that’s logical as near every popular grip on the market stems from the ‘mushroom’ style. But, there will always be a hardcore who swears by something entirely different. For me personally, it’s the new-ish FBM Double Fister. Last year it was a T1 grip. Tomorrow it could be something entirely different. Footwear is just as divisive a topic…

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Verde ‘Oxbridge’ Frame Review

The guys at the N1 Project filmed this little Verde ‘Oxbridge’ frame review video with Verde team riders Matt Priest and Lima (of whom share this frame as a split-signature model) with some awesome riding thrown in too (manny to fastplant 3 anyone?) Have a gander for what these lads have to say about the frame and for a few specs too.

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Review- Halo Priest Wheelset

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There is a lack of good, honest and impartial product reviews in BMX right now. Parts aren’t cheap, and in an already heavily saturated market, a few nice words about the paint finish in a magazine doesn’t really cut it when you’re about to part with your hard earned cash and need some insight into how good a product really is.

You guys asked us to step up to the plate and that we have. Here is the first of many reviews we have got going for this year and forward into 2014. We want to be the most helpful BMX product site out there, so we decided to take a selection of parts and give them to a real, everyday riders to see how they fair up to just about everything you guys are going to put them through.

Halo Wheels got in touch and sent us a pair of their new Matt Priest Signature Wheels to test out and see what we made of them. We fired them over to our resident wheel destroyer and grind enthusiast Mark Sutton to see how they held up to the dirtiest peg chinks, hang ups and cases known to man.

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