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The Quintessential BMX Wheelbuilding Guide

I’ve laced up a fair few wheels in my time and always felt tutorial videos always fell a little short in the way that there’s just so much more to our wheels than meets the eye.  So without making too much of a song and dance I’m going to pass on to you, O’ faithful The Merged reader, pretty much everything rattling around my cranial cavity on the subject of building BMX wheels.  Stick the kettle on…

Yep… (pic nicked from Google)

Safety First.

Building wheels is potentially extremely dangerous and life threatening if done without caution.  The amount of tension stored within a single spoke can often exceed 150 kgf- effectively turning every spoke in your wheel into a makeshift crossbow bolt.  If one of those spokes gives way suddenly at the j-bend and there’s nothing to stop it, it will fire out of the rim and through anything in it’s path.  A fired spoke can very easily impale your hand so it can and will do the same to your brain if a spoke fires toward your eyes.  When working on your wheels, you must always have a decent rim strip on at the bare minimum, a tyre left on the rim isn’t a bad thing either.  If you have neither of these or can’t use them because you need to use a nipple driver, wear eye protection (your granddad’s angle grinder googles will do) and never look directly into the rim cavity while tightening spokes.  Now that I’ve scared the living shit out of you, let’s build! Continue reading

Stranger XXLT Rims


The Come Up dropped a rare product feature on behalf of Stranger who have come up (ha!) with a new version of their XXL rim; the XXLT rim.  Inventive name, I know, but boasting a humongous 42mm wide profile, flash-welded join and weighing a fairly reasonable 595 grams as opposed to the XXL at 630 grams; I think they can just about be forgiven. While the wholly… holey nature of the extra machining is a bit of a dirt trap for my particular part of the world, the wide profile will undoubtedly help prevent pinch flats at lower tyre pressures compared to some others on the market.

BSD Interbike Preview


The guys at BSD posted a Interbike preview of their 2016 parts line-up ahead of the event in Vegas this week, first up is BSD’s first freecoaster hub ,dubbed the Westcoaster, in which the driver utilises bushings and bearings and a different resistance system to traditional coasters.  It will also be compatible with the press fit Jersey Barrier hub guards which are also included.


Then we have the NASA rim; BSD’s first pop at a wheel hoop.  This is a high-tech I-beam constructed rim with thick tapered sidewalls and tapered, offset spoke holes for cross lacing, sounds tough enough!


Next up are these M-Cap bar ends, these are good if you like the convenience of push-fit plastic bar plugs but break them often.  The M-Cap bar end comes with a metal (Aluminium I’m assuming) ring to protect your plastic bar ends from being pummelled deep into your bars and having to fish them out again with a screwdriver.

There’s more on BSD’s site, on which we will be touching on when there is further info; namely the Dan Paley signature Soulja frame.

The Union- Products: Vol. 112


I think it was raining cats and dogs last time I posted a Products feature from The Union too so it’s definitely long overdue…. I’m such a slacker.  This week Kurt has a closer look at Kyle Hart signature 4- piece Party bars from Subrosa, the City front hub from The Daily Grind, the brand spanking new Corvus rim from The Shadow ConspiracyMadera‘s Producer sunglasses and finally the Fly Bikes Manual brake lever.  Head over to The Union for the full story on all these products.

Colony Leopard Print Rims


Here is another look at the ltd edition Leopard print Colony Rims for team rider Tom Stretton. At a guess I would say the guys have taken a set of Colony Contour Rims and hydro dipped them in a very similar way to many of these new Camo parts are being made. These are going to be a super limited run available worldwide in August, so hit up your local Colony dealer today if you want a set.

Spotted – Stranger XXL Rim


Stranger are working on a new super wide rim dubbed the XXL Rim which is looking much wider than anything else out right now. They are currently tesing both 6061 and 7000 series alloys to see how they both hold up.

Earlier this year we opened our first extruded rim tooling and wanted to try something a bit different… The #xxlrim is wider then any rim on the market and will not only make your tires sit better on your rims, it will also greatly reduce flat tires by spreading out impact force. Available August…

Click through to see a comparison of this new super wide rim next to a conventional sized Primo VS Rim…  Continue reading

Subrosa Red to Black Fade Turbo Rims


Because sometimes one colour just isn’t enough… Subrosa just brought out these flashy red-to-black fade Turbo Rims worldwide for all you colourway fiends out there.  The Tubro rims come in 36-hole only,  constructed from 34mm wide, heat-treated 6061-T6 with a welded seam as standard, they also weigh in at 17 oz/482 g.  If the whole fade thing isn’t doing it for you Subrosa still offer this great rim in black, gold and polished too, head over to their site for a closer look.

Camo Alienation Rims


Another day, another Camo product! Available exclusively through Custom Riders in the UK are these specially painted Camo Alienation Slylark and Delinquent Rims. These are strictly limited edition and when they’re gone, they’re gone so go hit them up today if you’re looking to add something a bit diffrent to your ride.

I can see these looking super good on the new Camo Credence Frame we posted the other day…