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S&M Stealth Pivotal Seat And Long Johnson Post


It’s been a slow start for the stealth pivotal system overall but it finally looks like companies are starting to invest into this great seat system, S&M‘s venture into the territory takes the form of the seat you see above, they’ve kept things simple on the cover but the foam follows a more ergonomic design (a little like Tree’s seat) and flicks up at the back for comfort and to keep you from sliding off the back.  The stealth pivotal issue of the Long Johnson post is much like it’s predecessors, absolutely huge.  At 32cm long this is the longest stealth pivotal post available and is actually out now.  Photo’s nabbed from The Union‘s S&M Interbike coverage.


Fly Bikes X Etnies Tripod Seat


It looks like Etnies are following in Vans’ footsteps (pun intended) and dipping their toes (they just keep coming…) into the BMX component market, here we get a sneak preview of Fly Bikescollaboration seat with Etnies that is to be featured in their 2016 catalogue.  It looks like it’s only set to be released in a Tripod version but it will come in two colours so it will be interesting to see how the other one comes out.


Volume Bikes The Finer Things Pivotal Seat


As the wild hipster seat cover craze rages on Volume Bikes bring these to the table.  Dubbed ‘The Finer Things‘ after their recent DVD release, this pivotal seat with it’s mid sized padding and canvas panelled cover it looks sturdy enough to take a beating from the pavement and your backside respectively.  The Finer Things pivotal seat looks to be out very soon with the tripod version coming next month so get on to your local bike shop to snap either one up.


9.2 oz Tripod
11.5 oz Pivotal


Multicoloured kaleidoscope
black and green kaleidoscope

Odyssey Galaxy Seats


All these wild seat covers in BMX are getting nuts… Odyssey are jumping on the celestial bandwagon with these wild looking Galaxy seats that might look a little like your little sister’s leggings. They come in red (not shown) green or purple and Odyssey even brought out matching Twisted PC’s if you’re feeling super cosmic.  Head over to The Union for more on these seats.


Mutiny Ergo Seat


Mutiny have a new Tripod seat in the works. This one seems to use the new larger seat design that a lot of people are using, however they have worked on their own custom ergo foam design to give it a unique and classic shape. Thumbs up from us!

Kink Stealth Pivotal Seat Tutorial

Kink dropped this little tutorial video explaining the benefits of the Stealth Pivotal Seat and Post. The main benefit other than the obvious aesthetic reason of getting rid of that fiddly old rubber flap is that you don’t necessarily need one to run the other if you’re on a tight budget; you can run an old pivotal seat on a stealth post and you can (if you’ve got a long enough allen key…) put a stealth seat on your old pivotal post.

EXCLUSIVE : Fiend Garrett Reynolds signature line


Damn we have something special for you today! To say Garrett Reynolds is a good bike rider is probably the understatement of the century. After pretty much re-inventing street riding, winning every major street contest and releasing one of the best video parts of all time, the BMX world have been waiting for his signature frame from his own brand Fiend like a kid on christmas morning for about 3 years now. I mean it’s a testament to how humble Garrett is that he waits until all of the PRO team have a signature line first before giving him self a frame.

Well today the speculation on one of the most anticipated frames in BMX history can stop. We are proud to have the exclusive first look at Garrett Reynolds’ signature frame, bars, stem and seat from Fiend.

Check it all out HERE >>>

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Demolition Hucker Tripod Seat


Who doesn’t like a good Hawian shirt eh? I know I’m a big fan of the old floral print and was particularly excited when I saw these new Hucker signature seat’s up on Demolition‘s Instagram today. Lovely stuff.

Here’s a sneak peek of @mikehucker‘s new signature Hawaiian tripod seats! If you’re at #texastoast this weekend, you can get a glimpse of it in person on Hucker’s bike. These bad boys will be available early 2015.