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Wethepeople Felix Prangenberg Sprocket


Wethepeople, always the ones to get you going ‘ooooh’, made me do as such when I opened my FaceyB to see this little number appear on my news feed; a Wethepeople Felix Prangenberg signature sprocket.  While there is no info on these as of yet, but we can see the sprocket has a beefy 8+ millimeter thick body intricately machined to look like car alloys (I see a trend emerging here…) and offset teeth to the inside of the sprocket.  With wider tyres now being the norm, chainstays have to be welded wider apart, which means you need wider BB shells, but this can push your sprocket out past the driver’s natural chainline so the offset teeth will help aide this- being that this sprocket is so goddamn thick.

Subrosa Kobra Sprocket And Maya Grips


The Shadow Conspiracy‘s Instagram has been alive with these little gems in the last few days or so, Lahasaan Kobza’s signature Kobra sprocket and Joris Coulomb’s Maya grips.  While there’s very little info on these bits there will more than likely be a 25 tooth and almost definitely a 28 tooth version of the Kobra sprocket (as that’s the size Lasahaan rides) It also has two sprocket bolt holes so you can have the cobra design the right way up whether you’re predominantly right or left foot forward.  The Maya grips look particularly inviting with their smoothed honeycomb style grip and small flanges that taper slightly wider than the rest of the grip at the ends.  Both of these will be out next month so keep an ear out on Shadow’s Instagram for when they drop.

Eclat AK Sprocket And Pedals


Eclat really pulled out the stops with Croydon lad Alex Kennedy’s signature pedals and guard sprocket as we can see in Eclat’s latest Assembled feature. The AK Pedals boast a large ambidextrous nylon-fibreglass body allowing you to rotate if you grind one down more than the other (also saving on tooling and bike shop’s SKUs by not have left or right specific replacement bodies) 8 steel pins per side and a huge 4140 spindle running on bushings.  Eclat even offer a lifetime warranty on the spindle which speaks volumes as it’s the first of it’s kind.  At 613 grams (20 oz) a pair they’re not the lightest but you’re not likely to get a large platform with lots of pins and a virtually bombproof spindle that is light- and not being on the extremities of your bike you’re unlikely to even notice.


The AK Guard sprocket has a thick 8mm 6061-t6 construction with counter bores in the back to accommodate the bolts that hold the 10mm nylon-fibreglass guard and it’s 4 bolts in place.  The thickness also allows some machining on the back of the sprocket that looks like it helps improve your chain-line and keep your q-factor (distance between pedals from side-to-side) low where machining on the outer face makes a seat for the guard to sit securely into and be rotated 180 degrees as it wears.  The guard itself has reportedly been tested by Eclat’s best for over a year to great results and at 150g (5.9 oz) it’s pretty light for what it is.  These merged with the Maverick alloy cranks- like Alex has on his ride- and you have one dialed drivetrain.

All the above are out now from all good bike shops via these distros.

DUB BMX Sprockets


The Union posted this sneak peak of DUB‘s rad upcoming sprocket which will come in both black or polished and in 25 or 28-tooth sizes.  While nothing is confirmed and while it could always be just another Taiwanese-made part, we have an inkling this is the handywork of our good friends at DIY Sprockets in Germany- of whom only works with 6mm thick 7075- T6 aluminium for durability. Regardless of speculation, DUB have reportedly been testing them out for a while with good results and judging by the above photo, they will be available soon enough.

Profile Blackjack Sprocket 2016 Re-issue

Blackjack Spread

Profile Racing have re-released what is arguably the most recognisable (even to people who don’t ride in my own personal experience) and iconic mid-school sprockets; the Blackjack, for it’s 18th anniversary in 25, 28 and 30 tooth sizes.  The Blackjack sprocket (as pictured below) was first made in the late ninties, boasted 44 teeth, a 10mm thickness and was compatible with a sprocket-hole mounted grindplate.  I still see originals floating around today so needless to say, they could take a beating.  If it’s your thing get your local bike shop to order you one in or head to Profile’s e-store where they even have a few old 44T versions left…

Black Jack and Guard copy

Merritt Brandon Begin Guard Sprocket

merrittguard sprocket

Merritt popped up on my Instagram feed with this shot of the Brandon Begin signature full-guard sprocket and my, oh my… I’d feel like I was killing a unicorn just by putting a chain on it, let alone grinding on it.  You can tell this has been made to last by the super thick grind plate and 5 sprocket holes to rotate around.  No more info as of yet but keep an eye out on Merritt’s Instagram page for more.

Eclat Alex Kennedy Signature AK Guard


Eclat are on form so far this year at Interbike… a certain ex-writer for this very site has been obsessing over making this little beauty a reality for years and it’s great to see it at long last; the AK Guard.  Made from an impact-resistant nylon fiberglass material, this sprocket guard simply bolts on to the sprocket and provides a lighter full bash guard with significantly less friction than it’s aluminium counterparts; perfect for more predictable crankslides.


Radio Bikes 2016 Green/Black Fade Stem And Sprocket


While Radio‘s new 2016 green-to-black fade might not be everybody’s cup of tea, the products themselves have been designed to the high standard of all other WeMakeThings parts and have had full input from the Radio team. Here their Canadian shredder, Spencer Ryan shows off the prototype 33mm rise top loader stem with wider top plate and larger headed allen bolts as well as the 7mm thick team sprocket with flush spacers to convert between 24, 22 and 19mm spindles without affecting your chain line.  It will be available in 25, 26 and 28 tooth sizes and has 4 crank bolt holes to rotate between to increase longevity (stay away from single holed sprockets kids!)


The Daily Grind Millennium V2 Sprocket


The Daily Grind just dropped the second version of their ever popular Millennium guard sprocket and it looks every bit as solid as the first but with some minor changes; the centre bore now comes in 24mm with 22 and 19mm top-hat adaptors rather than just a 22mm bore and there’s better clearance between the guard and the teeth for thicker chains as well as some extra material around the outside of the spokes to beef it up.  They still come in either 25 or 28t sizes, black or polished and you can get them at any of their stockists or directly from The Daily Grind webstore for $64.99.