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Shadow Multi-Tool Giveaway

The Shadow Conspiracy are giving away three of their Multi-Tools to their fans on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Check out the full details below-

“Tired of carrying around a hefty tool bag from spot to spot? Well now’s your chance to lighten your load and carry the only tool you’ll ever need, the Shadow Conspiracy Multi-Tool. Keep reading and find out how to enter and become one of THREE lucky winners!
To have a chance to win a Shadow Conspiracy Multi-Tool all you have to do is follow these easy steps:
1. LIKE our Facebook, FOLLOW the Instagram, and SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube page.
2. COMMENT on the contest post on Facebook.
3. SHARE the contest post on Facebook.
We’ll be picking three lucky winners for the Shadow Conspiracy Multi-Tools at random at the end of the day onNovember 18th so be sure to do those things before then. There’s no purchase necessary, and this give away is void where prohibited. Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube does not sponsor, administer, or endorse this promotion.”

‘How We Make It’ with Profile Racing- Hand Polishing a Profile stem


This is rad, Profile really pull out the stops when it comes to their US made gear!  The attention to detail is remarkable.  Here they give us a point-by-point insight on the de-burring and hand polishing process that their ‘High Polished’ Stems go through post-production in this ‘How We Make It’ article published on their site.  These are definitely no cookie-cutter stems; not by a long shot!


Shadow X The Hundreds

Shadow are always doing some pretty exciting collaborations with brands from outside of BMX. Their latest project is with popular street-wear brand The Hundreds. This limited edition collab is only available at The Hundreds’ flagship locations and authorized stockists on September 19th, 2013, and includes a range of clothing, shoes, a multi-tool and even a full pro-spec bike. Find out more about what provoked and went into making this range, as well has how the bike were assembled and even how they look in person in this collection of edits that surfaced this week.

Stolen 2014 Catalog

Stolen Bikes‘ 2014 catalog just went live. Plenty of interesting look completes this year, all stacked with a variety of their aftermarket components to keep things running tight. The most notable addition to this year’s lineup is a whole range of aftermarket 24″ specific products including a Frame, heat-treated fork, wheelsets and even a larger size of their Joint Tires. I’m also kinda into the coloured Tires on the Casino model, no doubt a bit of AK influence there. All these bikes and products will be available in the next few weeks. Be sure to head over to the Stolen website for more details and info.

stolen stolen2

Stolen Bike Co Multi Tool


If I’m honest we’re in a point in BMX where real product innovation seems to be harder and hard to find. With it being so easy to pick a product out of a catalog in Taiwan and add your own logo to it, I get less excited every time I see a “New Product” email or post on a website. Despite this lack of evolution and change in actual bike parts and components, there does seem to be a wave of actually creativity when it comes to BMX products that we don’t necessarily bolt onto our rides. In the past couple of years I have seen multiple brands bring out clothing, bags, tools and other items aimed specifically at BMX and designed to make riding, maintaining and running your bike that much better. The Shadow Multi-Tool, Subrosa Combat Lock, Cinema Waxed Rucksack and Ecalt spoke tool are all fine examples of this, simple and genuinely original products that have been drawn up from scratch to make life as a rider that bit easier and problem free.

Well rant aside, today I found another brilliantly simple and useful product; The Stolen Bike Co Multi-Tool. Unlike Shadow, Animal and Eclat’s own do-it-all tools, this thing is super small and could be kept in the back pocket whilst on a solo street ride. Based off a simple tire lever, this suspiciously small tool also boasts a spoke wrench, a 6mm/5mm hex key and even a bottle opener for a refreshing drink after a days riding. The tool it’self is mad out of CrMo steel and has a hard wearing ED Black finish to insure that this thing is strong and will take a fair amount of abuse and torque.


Despite not having a socket set or chain-tool, this little thing is so small you would barely notice it’s even there, and could be the difference between having to end the session because you have a flat or need to fix your bike when there are no tools around. The Tools will be available at the end of the month from all Stolen retailers worldwide.

Hit up the Stolen Website for more info on the Multi-Tool and other Stolen products.

Coffee Break: The Éclat Spoke Tool

I’m really into Eclat‘s new Coffee Break series, where team manager Paul Robinson talks you through another one of their ingenious products over a fresh cup of the good stuff. This time it’s their Spoke Tool Key Ring. Despite being one of the simplest products they make, this handy key ring could be the difference between rolling away from a drop with a fresh set of wheels, or two tacos between your Frame and Forks. Made from heat treated cromo, the spoke tool is tough and durable, not to mention a totally sweet key ring. Wheel maintenance is always I’ve been notoriously bad with (and I’m sure is the same with a lot of riders), so having a spoke tool within in easy grasp when you’re out riding is a blessing in disguise. The tools are available now in your choice of black nickle, gold nickel, c.p. and for those of your that care, weigh a measly 38 grams.


Shadow Multi tool available now

Damn, Shadow‘s all new Multi-tool is finally available. After previewing it at Interbike 2001, the guys at shadow spent another year making sure this is the last tool you will ever need for your bike. The fact that it features an actual hammer is a huge selling point for me. god know how many times Ive had to use a brick or a some other random blunt instrument to fix something on my bike whilst out riding street.

“This is the moment everyone has been waiting for! The Shadow Conspiracy Multi-Tool is now available. Featuring an investment cast, forged, and CNC steel construction, this package includes just about every tool you need to work on a modern day BMX bike and then some!

Includes: chain breaker, 17mm deep socket, pedal wrench, 10mm wrench, spoke wrench, tire tools, 8mm hex, 6mm hex, 5mm hex, 1/4″ hex, 7/32″ hex, hammer, and most importantly, a bottle opener.”

These badboys are available worldwide now, hit up your local Shadow dealer to find out where you can pick one up today!