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Merritt SL1 Seat Promo

Wear in, not wear out, the new Merritt SL1 leather seat is a super clean and strong pivotal seat with a genuine leather cover and simple branded leather center patch. If brown leather isn’t your thing, the black kevlar version will also be super durable and has the same clean leather patch. Head over to for more info.

S&M FU-BAR Out Now

sandm_fubar_blk SandM_Fubar_RawClear

Charlie Crumlish’s highly anticipated signature FU-BAR‘s from S&M Bikes are now available! These super tall 4-piecers are 10 Inches of pure FU brilliance and are guaranteed to give you all of Charlie’s halfcab pop and peg wizardry. Check out the incredible promo video below and go cop a set from your local S&M dealer today!

RISE 10”
WEIGHT 2.73lbs
COLOUR Black, Chrome or Clear Raw

GSport Van Peg Promo

Van Homan is a man of steel so it only makes sense his signature GSport Van Peg is made of Heat Treated 4140 Chromoly. Check out this awesome promo video of Van explaining why he wanted the peg the way it is, as well as some solid clips of Van slaying some rails.

Material: Heat Treated 4140
Length: 108mm / 4.25″
Diameter: 39mm / 1.5″
Configuration: 14mm or 3/8″
Rotation Positions: 3
Weight: 213 grams / 7.5oz

Exclusive – Wethepeople Sterling Frame & Fork Test

The observant of you will have noticed a few changes with The Merged recently. Namely our shiny new logo as well as a few minor cosmetic changes to the site. With all these changes, we got thinking. As fun as it posting content from all the awesome brands we get to work with, we decided that it was time for us to up the amount of original content we produce and start doing our own series of web edits dedicated to testing out some of the new products we get sent, and seeing how they perform once built up.

What you see above is the first in a series of exclusive product tests here on The Merged in collaboration with our regular contributor Yakob Swyer, our new filmer/editor and art director Sam White and the rest of the team. So for the first test, the good folks over at Wethepeople hooked us up with a beautifully slick Pete Sawyer signature Sterling frame and fork combo in Chrome to test out on the mean streets of *eh-hem* Surrey and Sussex… and we were only too happy to oblige. We’re super stoked on the end result and cant wait to start working on the next one! We hope you enjoy it!

Click through to see the full test… Continue reading

How to install the Odyssey Key Chain

The first batch of Odyssey’s Key Chains are available now in the US and will be available international soon. For those of you who want to know more about this new super-chain, the guys have Odyssey have posted up a ton of information up on their site including an instillation demonstration and technical rundown from Jim Bauer. Check it all out HERE.

Click through to see a quick video from Jim Bauer explaining about the advantages of a Key Chain over a standard chain;  Continue reading

Cult X Vans Tire Promo

The Cult X Vans tire is finally available! Check out this promo video featuring Dakota Roche taking them to the streets of Huntington Beach.

“The highly anticipated VANS TIRE is here…They are shipping worldwide now…Shops, hit up TIP PLUS DISTRIBUTION to get your hands on em… This thing is big, fast, and grippy as hell… Available all black in 2.35″ for $27.99… GET THAT…”

Wethepeople Reason Bike Test with Max Charveron

Wethepeople‘s French all-round shredder and party enthusiast Maxime Charveron takes the 2014 Reason complete bike for a spin in the streets of Lyon and shows just how well an entry/mid range bike fares up against even the higherst levels of riding.

For more on the Reason and the rest of the 2014 Wethepeople bike range head on over to their website HERE.

Vocal DRS Bottom Bracket Promo

Vocal’s Ashley Douglas talks you through their new DRS Bottom Bracket which uses an adjustable clutch plate to provide friction and keep your cranks from moving when your feet come off. Whilst this is probally the last thing you want to purchase if you like your crankflips, I can see this as a really good investment if you do a lot of tailwhips and no-footed tricks.

The DRS Bottom Bracket is available as a full BB kit as well an upgrade kit of ryour Mid or Spnaish 19 or 22mm existing bottom bracket. Go hit the Vocal site for more info.