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Top 5 Pegs


Being a sad pegless guy for the last 10 years hasn’t done much for my knowledge of grinding apparatus, and I know I’ll be hounded to the ends of the earth, not to mention strung up by my cock and balls by a rabble of peg-thugs for not doing a grind-related top 5; so I sorted it.  Don’t go saying I don’t treat you right.  For a change, this weeks panel consists of Ben Stringer, H.M.F.I.C. at BTN(Brighton) BMX Shop and Jonathan Rubbersmith, aliased industry insider with far too much to say for his own good… both seasoned grinders with a better idea about pegs than the pedal-grinding prick typing this. Continue reading

Top 5 Pedals


Looks like you lot liked the whole fanzine-style ‘top 5 tyres’ thing I did last week so once again I teamed up with old school racer Chris Coutts and sad pegless guy Greg Pearson to briefly discuss our favourite pedal options available out there today.  As much as I try to keep things as balanced as possible there aren’t any aluminium pedals on the list, simply because cheap alloy pedals are rarer now and if you still ride them you probably know what you like already.  This isn’t a nostalgia-fest ‘top 5 pedals EVER’ kinda thing, it’s more of an ‘independent buyer’s guide’ so don’t go losing your shit over OG Cielinski’s not making the list like you did last week…  Just be thankful you’re not bolting on Crupi beartraps. Continue reading

The Union Products: Vol. 123


This time on The Union’s Products feature Kurt looks at the High Rise stem from Kink, Garrett Reeves’ signature grips from Sunday Bikes, the Team sprocket from Freed Bikes, Simone Barraco’s signature Strada tire from The Shadow Conspiracy and finally the new Cult X Starter limited edition snapback hat… Kurt even sneaks in a t shirt of his own making at the end.  Go and have a butchers.


The Union- Products: Vol. 118


For this week’s Products feature, Kurt at The Union has a brief look at the Pillar cranks from Kink, Sergio Layos’ signature Trueno frame from Fly Bikes, Greg Goldberg’s signature Hell Smash t-shirt from The Daily Grind, the V2 Cassette from Madera then last but not certainly not least, the stacked 2015 Simone Barraco Novus complete from Subrosa.  Head over to The Union for the full scoop on all of these parts.

The Union Products: Vol. 104


Head over to The Union for this weeks edition of Products; this time around we get a look at the Inceptiv fork from Shadow Conspiracy, the Flip hub from Stolen Bike Co., the Tractor chain from Fly Bikes, the DeHart X Native hand-covered pivotal seat from Cult and last but not least, Mark Mulville’s signature Silva II frame from Subrosa. It’s great to see something hand-made make this feature, this D.I.Y. ethic is something I’d like to see more of.

The Union Products: Vol. 103


For this weeks edition of The Union’s Products we get a good look at the Aaron Ross signature Motoross frame from Sunday Bikes, the Bold Topload stem from Kink, the 4140 Eon pegs from The Daily Grind, the Helm spline-drive sprocket from Madera and Kurt wraps it all up (pun totally intended…) with the Warhead XL lock from Subrosa.  Head over to The Union for the full specs, prices and details on how to get your greasy mitts on all of it.

The Union Products: Vol.102


This week over at The Union, Kurt gives us the low-down on the versatile Saber sprocket from Profile Racing, the Revolver rim from Stolen Bikes, the Seth Kimbrough signature Noctis cranks from The Shadow Conspiracy, Devon Smillie’s signature Fuego frame from Fly Bikes and last but not least, the 16″ Juvenile complete from Cult.  Shoot on over to The Union to see them all along with their full specs and measurement.

The Union Products: Vol. 101


Another Saturday night passes and I wake to read about another 5 products courtesy of The Union (okay, I lied, I actually just got home from work… I’m a charlatan) This week’s Products feature includes the Sean Sexton’s signature Issue 3 frame from Kink, Simone Barraco’s signature Subrosa Noster bars, Sunday Bike’s Storm hub, the 22mm axled Column cranks from Profile Racing and lastly The Daily Grind‘s brand new chromoly Infinity hub guard.  Check out the photos and the full specs on all these parts up on The Union’s site.

The Union Products: Vol. 100


*Party poppers* Whey! (that’s the first time in months I’ve used an exclamation mark on this site…. savour the excitement people.) Here it is, The Union‘s centenary edition of it’s weekly Products feature, this week we get the low down on the Ruben pedals from Fly Bikes, my personal flavour-of-the-week; the Disaster guard from The Shadow Conspiracy, the Saberetooth sprocket from Sunday BikesMadera‘s V2 Pilot front hub and lastly the Deathrow V2 bars from Cult.  Head over to The Union for the full specs on all these great bits ‘n’ bobs.

The Union Products: Vol. 99


So close… This week’s edition of The Union‘s Products section brings you the scoop on the 14mm male-axled Profile Racing‘s Elite cassette hub (bzzzzz!!!) the Battle fork from SubrosaThe Daily Grind‘s Combatant camouflage snapback caps, Stolen‘s Rebellion front wheel and the Soundwave frame from Sunday Bikes. Head over to The Union for photos and the full spec on all these items.