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The Union Products: Vol. 96


Getting close to the centenary edition now…. Kurt over at The Union shows us through the following components for the 96th ‘Products‘ section; the BTR cassette hub from The Shadow Conspiracy, the Stratos top load stem from Stolen Bikes, the Knox guard sprocket from Sunday, the Badge pivotal seat from Madera and finally Chase DeHart’s signature Butter frame from Cult.  Go on, go and have a good ol’ drool.

The Union – Products Vol. 94


A little later than usual due to being perpetually stuck behind a cash register, here’s The Union‘s Products; Vol. 94 for your viewing pleasure.  This week the Salvation V2 top load stem from CultSubrosa‘s new Spring 2014 apparel line, Madera‘s V2 cassette hub, Sunday‘s Octave fork and The Daily Grind‘s Army hoodie all get a look-in.  Hit the link for the low down on all these great parts.

The Union Products; Vol .93



For this week’s Products section over at The Union, Kurt shows us Trey Jones’ signature ‘Stone Cold’ bars from Cult, the military green colorway from Profile Racing, the ‘Sinner XLT’ complete from Stolen Bikes, the ‘Bitchin’ cranks from Subrosa and lastly the ‘Interlock V2’ chain from The Shadow Conspiracy.  Hit the link for a closer look at all these bits and bobs.

The Union Products: Vol. 91


For the 91st installment of The Union‘s ‘Products’ section, Kurt takes a closer look at the ‘Tall T’ bars from Sunday Bikes, the ‘Member’ V2 sprocket from Cult, the new ‘Valor’ tire from The Shadow Conspiracy, the ‘Aegis’ hub guards from Profile Racing and finally the 2014 ‘Malum’ complete from Subrosa.  Hit the picture above or this link for the full low-down on all the featured bits ‘n’ bobs.

The Union ‘Products’ Vol. 90


In it’s 90th edition, The Union has a good look at the ‘Legion’ frame from Stolen, the ‘Unity’ front load stem from Madera, the ‘Freedom’ bars from Freed Bikes, the ‘LT’ rear hub guard from from The Daily Grind and the Scott Ditchburn signature ‘Slide or Die’ pegs from The Shadow Conspiracy– I can see these being very popular.  Head over to The Union for full specs and measurements on all these components.

Yesterday’s News – Mosh Woodgrain Parts


Time for another history lesson and this one happens to be a personal favourite of mine. Back in 2005, Giant’s aftermarket parts brand Mosh did a limited edition run of parts that used a special kind of transfer/film to give them the illusion of being made of wood. At the time Mosh were a pretty big player with a stacked team of riders including Corey Bohan, Chase Dehart and Eddie Cleveland, you can check out their DVD “So Freestyle” which might take a few of you back.

I distinctly remember seeing this “Wood Grain” full guard sprocket and a matching top load stem on Ian Schwartz’s bike and pretty much freaking out at how awesome it looked. Mosh released hubs, stems, sprockets and even brakepads in a matching kit. Sadly Mosh disappeared and was absorbed into Giant a few years back so the woodgrain parts are near impossible to find nowadays, although Tree did a similar thing a couple of years ago and even coated a whole frame in the stuff which you can check out here.

I must admit, I’m hugely jealous of anyone that still has any of the original wood grain parts and I would really love to see another brand have a go at doing a similar finish on their own products, here’s looking at you Odyssey!

The Union ‘Products’ Vol 89


This week’s installment of The Union‘s ‘Products‘ see’s Kurt showing us the details of the ‘Millennium’ guard sprocket from The Daily Grind, the aluminium ‘Ravager’ pedals from The Shadow Conspiracy, the ‘Match’ freecoaster hub from CultProfile Racing‘s ‘Elite’ front hub and Fit Bike Co.‘s ‘F.A.F’ tyre.  I’m particularly feeling the ‘Millennium’ sprocket’s 5 spoked, full-guard design.  Head over to The Union for the full scoop on all these components.

The Union ‘Products Vol.88’


This week over at The Union, Kurt reviews the following stuff and things for the weekly ‘Products‘ section; Lahsaan Kobza signature “Crispy Cream” colorway for the Subrosa ‘Nostra’ frame, the ‘Lightning’ back wheel from Sunday Bikes, the heat-treated ‘Protocol’ cranks from Madera, Freed Bikes‘ ‘Original’ 3/4 length baseball shirt and finally Stolen‘s steel pinned ‘Thermalite SP’ pedals.  Go and have a butcher’s over at The Union.

The Union: Products Vol 87


For this week’s ‘Products‘ section, Kurt over at The Union has a look at the 22mm ‘Column’ cranks from Profile Racing, the ‘Broadcaster’ frame from Sunday Bikes, the ‘Boss’ bars from Cult, the ‘Classic Logo’ beanie from Freed Bikes and finally the ‘BF3’ complete bike from Fit Bike Co of which we posted a flipbook on here last week.  Grab a bib and check them out…