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The Quintessential BMX Wheelbuilding Guide

I’ve laced up a fair few wheels in my time and always felt tutorial videos always fell a little short in the way that there’s just so much more to our wheels than meets the eye.  So without making too much of a song and dance I’m going to pass on to you, O’ faithful The Merged reader, pretty much everything rattling around my cranial cavity on the subject of building BMX wheels.  Stick the kettle on…

Yep… (pic nicked from Google)

Safety First.

Building wheels is potentially extremely dangerous and life threatening if done without caution.  The amount of tension stored within a single spoke can often exceed 150 kgf- effectively turning every spoke in your wheel into a makeshift crossbow bolt.  If one of those spokes gives way suddenly at the j-bend and there’s nothing to stop it, it will fire out of the rim and through anything in it’s path.  A fired spoke can very easily impale your hand so it can and will do the same to your brain if a spoke fires toward your eyes.  When working on your wheels, you must always have a decent rim strip on at the bare minimum, a tyre left on the rim isn’t a bad thing either.  If you have neither of these or can’t use them because you need to use a nipple driver, wear eye protection (your granddad’s angle grinder googles will do) and never look directly into the rim cavity while tightening spokes.  Now that I’ve scared the living shit out of you, let’s build! Continue reading

Sunday Thundercoaster Wheel


Freecoaster’s are pretty much the go to choice for every street rider these days, and now the chaps at  Sunday have made it even more friendly on your wallet to own one.

Their new affordable Thundercoaster wheel starts out with a basic freecoaster hub that uses KHE-style clutch internals laced to the Thunder double wall rim. This wheel is available for $219.99 and can be picked up at your local Sunday dealer today!

LUX BMX Leopard Wheelset


We posted this up on our Facebook page this morning and it got a huge amount of you talking. Here is a one off wheelset that Aussie store LUX BMX put together for team rider Tom Stretton. At a guess I would say the guys have taken a set of Colony Rims and hydro dipped them in a very similar way to many of these new Camo parts are being made. These are one off at the moment but after the reaction we received and the popularity of hyro dipping BMX parts right now, I find it very hard to believe that some brand wont step up to the plate and offer a production run in the near future.

I’m sure Sean Burns and the Bone Deth crew are stoked on this…

Product Focus – Federal Spring 2014


Ever since the very birth of the brand, the guys at Federal Bikes always manage to refine their product range with every season. From subtle colour changes, all the way through to brand new signature products, Federal never seem to disappoint when it comes to releasing a new season of products. This week the guys in Hastings are showing off their Spring/Summer drop of Frames and Parts which will be available worldwide at the beginning of next month including Stevie Churchill’s signature Bar.

Click through for exclusive first look at what is new for this season…  Continue reading

Shadow Copper Tie-Dye


Damn this is rad. For 2014, The Shadow Conspiracy will be released a whole line of their components in what they call Copper Tie-Dye. More of a marble if you ask me but it looks different for sure!

We are so stoked on this new Copper Tie Dye color way. Soon we will have everything from our Corvus wheels & rims to our Serpent Sprocket available in this color. This stem is a closeup of Shadow pro’s Ben Hucke ‘s bike.

Subrosa Turbo Wheels


Check out the new Turbo Wheels from Subrosa featuring their Turbo Rim, Straight 14 gauge stainless steel spokes laced up to Posi-Trac Hubs. They feature matching rim & hub color with black spokes in a 3 cross spoke pattern. These things will be available in Black, Polished, 69K Gold, and what you see here, Red Fade which goes well with their High Life Stem we saw last month.

These will be shipping out worldwide at the end of the month, arriving to the US mid March. Hit up your local Subrosa dealer today to get your ordered up!

The Union ‘Products Vol.88’


This week over at The Union, Kurt reviews the following stuff and things for the weekly ‘Products‘ section; Lahsaan Kobza signature “Crispy Cream” colorway for the Subrosa ‘Nostra’ frame, the ‘Lightning’ back wheel from Sunday Bikes, the heat-treated ‘Protocol’ cranks from Madera, Freed Bikes‘ ‘Original’ 3/4 length baseball shirt and finally Stolen‘s steel pinned ‘Thermalite SP’ pedals.  Go and have a butcher’s over at The Union.