Ecalt 25.4mm 4-Piece Strangler Bars


It wasn’t too long ago when uncut Slam bars were considered the biggest bars available at 8″ tall.  With bars getting an inch or two taller over the last 5 years, back pains are becoming less frequent due to not being hunched over a set of tiny 7.5″x 24″ bars (probably mounted to a bloody ‘dropped’ front-loader stem too…)  In short, we’re all riding for longer and we have our bars to thank for it.  The only real issue with tall bars is the leverage forces involved, the extra strain can be way too much for some stems and can cause a lot of extra slippage- or even snapping in the bars if your stem is too powerful not to slip.  Not so great for your teeth…


The guys at WMT have been trialling their solution of changing the clamp-area diameter from the traditional 22.2mm (7/8″) to 25.4mm (1″) for about a year now on two piece bars with Wethepeople.  This is to increase the clamping tube’s surface area to prevent slippage and adding extra material where bars break.  Éclat being the innovators they are, announced the first four piece version yesterday; the Éclat Strangler bars.


Being WMT’s premium quality brand, Éclat have been designed these bars from the ground up with function and longevity in mind.  The 25.4mm clamping tube is welded to a 25.4mm griptube for an increased welding area at the junction where four piece bars typically break.  The grip tube actually tapers back to 22.2mm where the grips are installed to maintain the traditional feel but gives it a slick new-age look that’s sure to turn heads.  There’s no info on angles/geometry yet but they will be available in 9.1″ or 9.6″ sizes by summer 2016 with compatible stems being released at the same time.

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