Eclat Cortex Freecoaster Preview


Our good friends at Eclat posted this sneak peak photo of their new up coming coaster on their Instagram page.  The Cortex is a clutch-type freecoaster as opposed to a pawl-type mechanism found on the Blind hub, ideal for those who are accustomed to the feel and function of a traditional coaster.  While rumoured to have the same old run-of-the-mill KHE internals, I can say with the utmost certainty that this is not the case.  The Cortex utilises Eclat’s own resistance system which eliminates the outdated ‘two-hardened-sprung-bearings-wearing-away-at-your-clutch-from-a-gaping-hole-in-the-middle-of-your-axle’ system as well as a method of keeping the clutch from clamping the drive-side bearing.  Keep an eye out for more info/ specs as they come.

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