Exclusive Sneak Peak: Division Brand Complete Bikes


Complete bikes have really changed since I started riding. You can now go out and find a bike specialized to what you want to ride, in the size you want, that comes with the parts you need.¬†That is exactly what Division did, and they brought out 3 models built to take on a handrail straight out of a box. Besides that, they’re some of the best looking bikes I’ve seen in the last few years. I’ll let the photos and specs speak for themselves.

You’ll see that all these bikes come with 4 pegs and guards, although as the models increase in size, they come with better pegs and more guards. These bikes¬†also all come with a 9.5″ rise, keeping up with the current day trends.

The bike below (and above) is the Brookside complete. It comes in a 20.5″ for the smaller riders, along with 170 mm cranks so you don’t catch your pegs. The Brookside is a great choice for the younger rider looking to start off with a street ready bike without having to build a custom, or deal with upgrading an existing bike. It’s available in a gloss black with raw and brown accents, or in flat grey with polished parts.

brookside-black-front-hub brookside-grey


brookside-black-seat brookside-grey-stem3 brookside-black-sprocket brookside-grey-rear-hub brookside-black-stem2


Next up is the Fortiz complete, the mid-range bike in the pack. It comes in a 20.75″ in ED black or matte bronze. The white wall tires look great against the black frame, and the brown is a color way that I myself have been riding for the last 2 years. The bike sports dual hub guards up front, and a hub guard in the rear. The Fortiz also gets an upgrade hub-wise, now sporting the new Division Tactical hubs front and back. This is definitely one of the best mid-range bikes out there.

fortiz-black fortiz-copper fortiz-black-stem2 fortiz-copper-tyres fortiz-black-grips fortiz-copper-front-hub fortiz-black-rear-hub


The final model comes in with a 21″ top tube for some of the taller guys out there. This is really the full package; a full chromo frame, 4 hub guards paired off with the Tactical hubs, 4 Technique pegs, and a freecoaster option as well. The cassette bike is a trans black frame with some tan accents, and the forecaster bike comes in ED black with grey tires. You can pick up this bike right out of the box and save hundreds in trying to get the look of a high-end, pro-spec bike. And with how bikes are built today, it’d last a good while before you need to replace anything.

spurwood-black spurwood-trans-black spurwood-black-rear-coaster spurwood-trans-black-front-hub spurwood-black-tyre2 spurwood-trans-black-stem1 spurwood-black-pedals

For all the remaining details and specs on the bikes, you can peep the lookbook below or follow up on Division’s site.

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