Odyssey Dugan Pedal


The fine folks at OTX Design and Mr George French have been bombarded with questions’s about Odyssey’s new Tom Dugan pedal so have released a bunch of photos and info about it.

“The Tom Dugan pedals will be available in plastic or aluminum and feature a special internal configuration that allows us to combine a large spindle with a thin body shape while featuring full 360 degree concave and bigger diameter pins (on the PC) for incredible grip. The pedal body is also significantly larger and feels amazing under your feet. All of our team riders are fighting to get their hands on these. The price will be on par with our existing plastic and metal pedals. They should be available in early 2015.”

Pedals are a picky one, with many riders being incredibly specific about what they want to run. Odyssey have released some comparison photos against their current Twisted PC and Trailmix pedals so you can get a better idea of how the Dugan pedals will feel.

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