Top 5 Tyres According To The Merged

I think it’s safe to say that your tyres are ultimately the parts that determine what terrain you’ll ride most, whether you ride park, street, trails, bowls, track or flat, your tyres will probably reflect that.  Then people have their own individual tastes, whether they prefer more tread, smoother profiles, tightly packed or more agressive patterns varies from user to user.  That said, I, with a little help from Chris Coutts and Greg Pearson, have compiled a small list of our current (subject to change) tyre favourites.  Shout out to Tal Mazar for the idea.  In no particular order….


Tioga Comp 3


CC: As an all-time hero, in my eyes there’s the Comp III…

This early 80’s legend can still be found on the bikes of trail riders everywhere, it’s hard not to have a soft spot for the classics, right?  I mean, you wouldn’t jump off a roof with them but they still roll in the woods okay…

CC: I never understood why Tioga never updated it, imagine the hype from the woodland folks!

20 x 1.75″
Inflated Width: 1.79″ (45.5mm)
Inflated Diameter: 19.5″ (495mm)
Max Pressure: 40 psi
Weight: 16.4 oz
20 x 2.125″
Inflated Width: 2.03″ (52mm)
Inflated Diameter: 20.02″ (508.5mm)
Max Pressure 40 psi
Weight: 19.7 oz

Shadow Conspiracy Contender Welterweight


GP: I use Contenders because they’re slick shaped so slide well in parks but grip well on rough wallrides etc, many others to consider but yeah… Rubens for example are amazing grip and balance but are too thin, wear fast and are expensive…

‘A bit odd’ is what I thought at my first look at the Contender tyre with it’s recessed tread pattern but I can concure with Greg, these tyres feel great.  They look and feel more like traditional tyres than your average ‘basketball’ street tyre.

20 x 2.20″
Inflated Width: 2.16″ (55mm)
Inflated Diameter: 20.5″ (520.7mm)
Max Pressure: 110 psi
Weight: 23.6 oz
20 x 2.35″
Inflated Width: 2.30″ (58.5mm)
Inflated Diameter: 20.79″ (528mm)
Max Pressure: 110 psi

Primo V-monster


Tal mentioned the V-Monster when he messaged me with the idea of doing a tyre article, Chris included it within his own personal top three and I always liked it so it gets a spot.  Being the product in 1995 that made Primo into what it is today there’s certainly some history behind it and now in it’s 2.4″ version, it looks as inviting as ever.

20 x 2.40″
Inflated Width: 2.48″ (63mm)
Inflated Diameter: 21.1″ (536mm)
Max Pressure: 100 psi
Weight: 25.5 oz

Animal x T1


You gotta hand it to Terrible One, they know exactly what they like and it shines forth in this baby.  I’m not going to say that this tyre is my particular bag but anyone can appreciate the details; the dual compound, the centre tread groove, the unusually ‘edged’ profile, all pointing toward the kind of imitation-surfing and pool/tranny style that has been popping forth recently.  With the flavour-of-the-month (street; at the moment anyway…) taking up the most in the way of designing parts, it’s good to see something break the mold.

20 x 2.20″
Inflated Width: 2.24″ (57mm)
Inflated Diameter: 20.62″ (524mm)
Max Pressure: 110 psi
Weight: 28.2 oz
20 x 2.40″
Inflated Width: 2.44″ (62mm)
Inflated Diameter: 20.98″ (533mm)
Max Pressure: 110 psi
Weight: 30.6 oz

Cult x Vans.


Chris Coutts: Cult x Vans seemed to be well priced and well loved…

Greg Pearson: I’ve never tried Cult x Vans tires, you would know more about those…

My personal (current) go-to tyre; 2.35″ front and rear. The tightly packed tread keeps it feeling slick enough for lipslides but there’s still plenty of traction for long, drawn-out wallrides.  The clincher is the large rounded profile that makes for super stable, predictable manuals, especially while in a carving arc.

20 x 2.20″
Inflated Width: 2.42″ (61.5mm)
Inflated Diameter: 20.82″ (528.8mm)
Max Pressure: 110 psi
Weight: 20.2 oz
20 x 2.35″
Inflated Width: 2.48″ (63mm)
Inflated Diameter: 20.86″ (530mm)
Max Pressure: 110 psi
Weight: 24.6 oz

(All tyre measurements from Dans Comp‘s website)

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