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Eclat AK Sprocket And Pedals


Eclat really pulled out the stops with Croydon lad Alex Kennedy’s signature pedals and guard sprocket as we can see in Eclat’s latest Assembled feature. The AK Pedals boast a large ambidextrous nylon-fibreglass body allowing you to rotate if you grind one down more than the other (also saving on tooling and bike shop’s SKUs by not have left or right specific replacement bodies) 8 steel pins per side and a huge 4140 spindle running on bushings.  Eclat even offer a lifetime warranty on the spindle which speaks volumes as it’s the first of it’s kind.  At 613 grams (20 oz) a pair they’re not the lightest but you’re not likely to get a large platform with lots of pins and a virtually bombproof spindle that is light- and not being on the extremities of your bike you’re unlikely to even notice.


The AK Guard sprocket has a thick 8mm 6061-t6 construction with counter bores in the back to accommodate the bolts that hold the 10mm nylon-fibreglass guard and it’s 4 bolts in place.  The thickness also allows some machining on the back of the sprocket that looks like it helps improve your chain-line and keep your q-factor (distance between pedals from side-to-side) low where machining on the outer face makes a seat for the guard to sit securely into and be rotated 180 degrees as it wears.  The guard itself has reportedly been tested by Eclat’s best for over a year to great results and at 150g (5.9 oz) it’s pretty light for what it is.  These merged with the Maverick alloy cranks- like Alex has on his ride- and you have one dialed drivetrain.

All the above are out now from all good bike shops via these distros.

Eclat Alex Kennedy Signature AK Guard


Eclat are on form so far this year at Interbike… a certain ex-writer for this very site has been obsessing over making this little beauty a reality for years and it’s great to see it at long last; the AK Guard.  Made from an impact-resistant nylon fiberglass material, this sprocket guard simply bolts on to the sprocket and provides a lighter full bash guard with significantly less friction than it’s aluminium counterparts; perfect for more predictable crankslides.


Strictly BMX Cult AK Custom


Strictly BMX in Australia build some of the sickest custom bikes. They just put a dope new Cult Crew AK custom online and available for you to have the pleasure of owning! This thing is dialled. Alex Kennedy sig colour way, all Cult parts including a Match Freecoaster, 4 Butter pegs and new IC forks. This thing is an absolute machine. Check it out here.

Spotted- Cult Alex Kennedy Signature Freecoaster

Alex Kennedy Bike Check

We know that Cult have been working on a Freecoaster since last year. They had it on display at Interbike, and Bunky over on Free-Coaster.com got a sneak peek of how it works last Summer. The team has been testing it hard over the past year and it looks as if its actually going to be Alex Kennedy’s signature Hub, which is good new for the Cult and Primo rider from the UK that had a standout Freecoaster based part in Cult’s latest DVD “Talk Is Cheap”. No word on a release date just yet, but sources tell me it should be available later on this Fall.

Spotted over on Ride where you can see a full bike check with AK.