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Top 5 Pegs


Being a sad pegless guy for the last 10 years hasn’t done much for my knowledge of grinding apparatus, and I know I’ll be hounded to the ends of the earth, not to mention strung up by my cock and balls by a rabble of peg-thugs for not doing a grind-related top 5; so I sorted it.  Don’t go saying I don’t treat you right.  For a change, this weeks panel consists of Ben Stringer, H.M.F.I.C. at BTN(Brighton) BMX Shop and Jonathan Rubbersmith, aliased industry insider with far too much to say for his own good… both seasoned grinders with a better idea about pegs than the pedal-grinding prick typing this. Continue reading

Animal Bikes X Terrible One Ursa Tyres


Being a life-long Animal Bikes and Terrible One fanboy I thought I had a mini stroke when I saw this photo of a collaboration tyre between both companies appear on The Union but it’s for real.  In fact there are two; the Ursa Minor and the Ursa Major.  Although there’s very little information regarding specs or even if the tyre pictured above is the Minor or Major model but I’m really interested to see how the ‘squared’ profile will feel as it seems to be a little-used feature on BMX tyres.  They are reportedly out soon but we’ll post more info as it comes.

Animal Bikes 2015 Sneak Peek


A few months ago, I got the privilege to go visit the Animal Bikes warehouse on a dealer’s night and see what the guys were cooking up for the upcoming year. Between a huge jam that was going out on in the parking lot, sitting down to talk about upcoming parts and apparel, and all the free pizza and beer you could possibly drink, the hours flew by.

Luckily, I was able to get some pictures of parts that’ll dropping soon, along with some more info on what went into making them a reality. With that being said, let’s get started on this. Click through for more…

Continue reading

Spotted – Animal Freecoaster


After speaking to Jay Dyer at Interbike he said Animal were working on a Freecoaster so I was stoked to see this photo of the prototypes that Jared Washington is testing out. Looks like a similar KHE style clutch system that many are using nowadays but I’m sure there is some Animal magic inside there somewhere. Looking forward to hearing more on these…

The Union Chris Silva Animal Axle Nuts Interview


Jewels!’, ‘Nads!’ i hear a lot of riders howling on facebook over the subject on Animal‘s yet-to-be-released Chris Silva signature axle nuts but unlike it’s predecessors it’s available for female axles; of which are usually a massive pain in the arse for us grinding-pegless folk (*sticks out chest*) Interestingly, the female option comes with an added recessed allen key slot inside the socket fitting.  Head over to The Union to read the interview Kurt did with Chris on the subject of these nuts and grinding in general, ’tis a good’un.

Chase Dehart Bike Check

Bike Check: Chase Dehart

Head over to Ride BMX for a bike check with Chase Dehart where he discusses some new signature parts he’s working on with Cult as well as probably the best sticker I have ever seen.

“Right now, a lot. The second version of my signature frame is about to come out in May, I’m working on my 2nd version of my signature grip right now, new version of my signature seat, newer size and color tires. Working on a promo for my new frame soon. And then with Animal I have a signature snapback hat coming out, and I’m pretty sure they are trying to work on a video, so I want to start filming for that now that the winter is over. Should be real busy this whole year, which is good.”

Spotted – Animal Akimbo 165mm Cranks


Animal Bikes are testing out 165mm versions of their already popular Akimbo Cranks. Here is the shorter 165mm (in chrome) under a regular 175mm arm for comparison. A lot of street riders are moving to shorter cranks for their peg clearance and assistance in technical tricks. Expect to see these available later this year along with a bunch of other new products that they are working on right now…

Spotted – Animal GLH Tire


After our Yesterday’s News earlier this week, its awesome to see that Animal are working on giving the classic GLH Tire a makeover. Spotted on Jared Washington’s bike is a look at the new updated version which looks to be nice and big and have a dark red sidewall. Animal are working on a lot of new products right now so I’d expect we will see more on this one soon…