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Eclat Blind Hub Updated Internals


After the unveiling of the Eclat Cortex clutch coaster a few days ago a lot of inquisitive souls were asking ‘what happened to the Blind hub?’  While it was always public the Blind would carry on being made, what wasn’t made known was that Eclat were updating/simplifying the internals.  A few people had issues with the large circular spring that held the pawls down so it has been replaced by three seperate coiled springs, one for each individual pawl, that slot into the adjoining pawl housing to hold them down.  Having personally tested one of these with the updated internals I can say, even as a huge coaster sceptic, that this thing is solid.  Photo pinched from The Union.


Spotted- Eclat Blind Freecoaster


Shane Weston has a bike check up on the Eclat website showcasing his latest steed. Much to the delight of what must be a hell of a lot of people, he is running a prototype of Eclat’s Blind Freecoaster which has in the works for over three years now. For those of you who are wanting a release date you aren’t in luck, but Eclat did mention it’s not too far off…

“Yes that’s a blind hub, yes its a prototype and yes its not quite ready yet. Not long now.”

Judging from the Instagram video we saw of Shane riding the hub, it looks like this could be the pre-production sample. Hopefully we see this thing early 2014. Hit up Eclat for more details and a closer look at Shane’s bike.

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Spotted- Eclat Blind Freecoaster

After many false starts and doubts as to whether or not it might even come to fruition, it looks like Eclat are back on track with their infamous Blind Freecoaster Hub. In this video stolen from their Instagram page (go follow @eclatbmxparts) it looks like Shane Weston has got his hands on what they are calling the “final prototype”, so I’m guessing they are getting close to finishing this thing. More news on this as it follows, but realistically this thing is not due for release until next year.

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