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The Quintessential BMX Wheelbuilding Guide

I’ve laced up a fair few wheels in my time and always felt tutorial videos always fell a little short in the way that there’s just so much more to our wheels than meets the eye.  So without making too much of a song and dance I’m going to pass on to you, O’ faithful The Merged reader, pretty much everything rattling around my cranial cavity on the subject of building BMX wheels.  Stick the kettle on…

Yep… (pic nicked from Google)

Safety First.

Building wheels is potentially extremely dangerous and life threatening if done without caution.  The amount of tension stored within a single spoke can often exceed 150 kgf- effectively turning every spoke in your wheel into a makeshift crossbow bolt.  If one of those spokes gives way suddenly at the j-bend and there’s nothing to stop it, it will fire out of the rim and through anything in it’s path.  A fired spoke can very easily impale your hand so it can and will do the same to your brain if a spoke fires toward your eyes.  When working on your wheels, you must always have a decent rim strip on at the bare minimum, a tyre left on the rim isn’t a bad thing either.  If you have neither of these or can’t use them because you need to use a nipple driver, wear eye protection (your granddad’s angle grinder googles will do) and never look directly into the rim cavity while tightening spokes.  Now that I’ve scared the living shit out of you, let’s build! Continue reading

Markit Detri Denim Cap- First look.

Detri-Denim-Cap-best-angle-27.99 (1)

Markit have just released a few sneak-peak photos of their upcoming Detri Cap. This smart piece of headwear is a six panel snap-back made of a similar denim to the CK (Chad Kerley) Jeans in downtown LA.  These are going to be manufactured in limited numbers so keep an eye out for when these drop because they WILL go fast!



I couldn’t resist posting a picture of Dennis Enarson’s dog, Rudy, rocking the Detri cap, mainly because it’s the spitting image of my own dog Bella…


Product spotlight: Sunday Soundwave Special 2014 Complete

sunday-soundwave-2014-bmxbike-01It’s been an age since I bought a complete bike, my first one had an over-sized hi-tensile steel frame, a 1″ Tioga Beartrap ‘threadset’ and a set of rattly old 1 piece cranks but my god, how that has all changed! This latest offering from Sunday is testament to how far completes have come in recent years.

Click to see more…

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FBM Kenny Horton Signature ‘Orphan’ Frame and U.S. Made Apes Handlebars


Spotted on Kenny Horton’s bike check over on QBMX‘s site, here is a brief glimpse at his yet-to-be-released ‘Orphan’ Frame from FBM.  If Kenny’s burly web edits are anything to go by, this frame looks like it’s made to take a beating!

On Kenny’s bike we also get a real good look at FBM’s U.S. Made Apes Handlebars which are available now in 8.75″ or 9″ rise. FBM have been killing it since day one and there is no sign of them slowing down.


Alone P.A.T.T Tyre


In the market for some budget tyres but want something that can take the (tyre) pressure? Then these P.A.T.T tyres from Alone are definitely up your proverbial alley, they come in a nice ‘n’ chunky 2.3 inch wide size, 110psi rating and feature an all-purpose tread pattern, slightly leaning towards a tightly packed street-style tyre for those who like to roll smoother than butter.  UK RRP. £14.99 from all good bike shops, available now. Mud on yo couch!

Alone PATT Tyre-500x500-500x500

Eclat Vent Sprocket Guard Preview


As seen at Las Vegas’ Interbike 2013, here is the newest addition to the re-emerging bash guard market, the Eclat Vent Guard Sprocket.  Not a lot of info on this one but the one shown is in 25 tooth, has three interchangeable sprocket holes for longevity and a nice bit of machining on the inside face to keep the weight down whilst still keeping a clean aesthetic.