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Spotted- Wethepeople Utopia Flatland Range


With many of the larger brands stepping away from Flatland products over the past few years, it’s refreshing to see Wethepeople jump back in to the game after a 5 year hiatus. New for 2014 is their Uptopia Frame, Fork and Bar which was kindly snapped by our friends at Freedom BMX at this year’s Eurobike tradeshow. Using a more traditional straight tube design the Utopia frame uses modern Flatland geometry mixed with WTP’s innovative frame building techniques to make one hell of a dialled and advanced flat specific Frame. Available in Black, the Utopia comes in a 19.5″ size with a 75 degree HT, 70.5 degree ST, 12.4″ chainstays, a 7.75″ standover height, removable brake mounts and 14mm slot dropouts. Mixing classic flatland geometry with modern street styling, this sleek looking Frame weighs in at 4.9lbs and is sure to turn a few heads.


The Utopia Bars are 8.5″ tall, a hair over 27″ wide and have 3 degrees of up, and 6 degrees of back sweep. Using a modern 2 peice design, these bars have a slightly dipped crossbar for extra clearance during front wheel tricks. These bars are multi butted making them pretty light at a mere 670g. The Utopia line is finished off with a set of minimal offset Forks (not pictured), which will be available with or without brakemounts. It’s great to see Wethepeople get back into the flatland market, after all they do have a deep history in the sport.

For those of you who want to see more of Freedom’s Eurobike coverage you can check out the whole article and other photos here.

Wethepeople Supreme Hubs 2014


Spotted over on Freedom BMX is a sneak peek at Wethepeople’s new Supreme Hubs, which have been absent from the line-up for a few years. The 2014 Hubs feature female axles front and rear, with the rear sporting a true 14mm female bolt with a larger 17mm centre axle making it perfect for street riders, or those who are tough on their wheels. Both hubs also feature alloy hub gaurds which slide on to replace the hardware. The rear will be LHD/RHD switchable, but there is no information just yet as to weather it will feature the Q-Lite inverted pawl system that the previous Supreme cassettes used. We’ll be sure to grab more info on these beauties at Interbike in a few weeks.


For those of you who want to see more of Freedom’s Eurobike coverage you can check out the whole article and other photos here.

Spotted- Wethepeople Smuggler Seat


Spotted at last week’s Eurobike show in Germany is a sneak peek at Wethepeople‘s new Smuggler seat which features a zip-up compartment ont he back of the seat where you can stow away tools, money or just about anything which will fit. This seat will be available in both Black and flavour-of-the-month Camo.


I know I hate to bring tools or my wallet out with me when out riding, so providing this doesn’t look too vulgar might be a decent alternative. I expect we’ll see a closer look at this one at Interbike in a few week.

Shout out to BikeBiz for the photo.

Spotted- Eclat Kolibri Hubs

eclat-bmx-naben-kolibri (3)

Spotted at last week’s Eurobike trade show in Germany, is a sneak peek at the new Kolibri Hubs from Eclat. These super light hubs feature a male axle to keep the weight down, with the front clocking in at 220g and the rear at 423g. The rear will be available in either LHD or RHD, and much like most of Eclat’s products for 2014, both will be available in Oil Slick. Check out our coverage of Interbike in a couple of week’s for a closer look at these Hubs and all the other new products the boys in Germany have been working on.

Kolibri means “Hummingbird” so we’re hoping the Cassette sounds like one!

Photo Freedom BMX.