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Fly Bikes Earth Brown Colourway

Earth Brown_insta_2_1

A little late off the mark but computers are a bugger like that, unlike bikes.  If pastel colour schemes are your thing then Fly BikesEarth Brown colourway might be your bag, be it you ride trails, live in a swamp or are just a bit of hippie, Fly have you covered with the Ruben’s Rampera tyre, pedals and grips (Roey and Devon Smille’s signature grips get the treatment too) All are set to hit shops with the rest of their 2016 parts later this year.

Fly Bikes Rampera Tyre Colours


Everybody’s favourite front tyre, The Ruben Alcantara signature Rampera tyre from Fly Bikes, much like a teenage girl’s hair, has been given some thorough colour treatment.  The new additions feature a white version with black sidewall and my personal favourite, earth brown with black sidewall for people like me who live in a swamp. These new colourways will be out with the rest of the 2016 Fly Bikes range later on in the year.

New Tractor and Tractor XL Sprockets from Fly Bikes

Tractor Single

Ever since I was able to ride a Tierra a few years back, I’ve been extremely appreciative of Fly’s minimalistic, but efficient products. Everything they put out tends to have a real clean and simple look to it, and these new sprockets are no different! Here we have two new versions of their new sprocket dubbed the Tractor and the Tractor XL, respectively. The Tractor is made from CNC machined 7075 alloy, and is 6 mm thick all around. It comes in 25 and 28 tooth sizes, in black, misty silver, and one colorway that they’ve yet to release. Click through to see more photos, along with info on the Tractor XL.

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Fly Bikes X Etnies Tripod Seat


It looks like Etnies are following in Vans’ footsteps (pun intended) and dipping their toes (they just keep coming…) into the BMX component market, here we get a sneak preview of Fly Bikescollaboration seat with Etnies that is to be featured in their 2016 catalogue.  It looks like it’s only set to be released in a Tripod version but it will come in two colours so it will be interesting to see how the other one comes out.


Fly Bikes Manual Springhammer Brake


Here’s something new… above we can see the Fly Bikes Manual Springhammer brake which uses a specially designed springed cable hanger that eliminates the need for caliper springs. This will undoubtedly make a quick brake installation considerably easier, saving you from the ordeal of mixing up your left/right springs or digging out an old adjustable spanner to tension them. The thing I’m going to call the ‘springhanger’ to save time, can be bent inwards or outwards by hand to adjust the positioning of the brake pads.  The calipers themselves run free on kevlar washers and can be bolted on as easy as a bottle cage.  Simple stuff and it looks the part too.  The Manual Springhammer looks to hit bike shop shelves by this October.

Fly Bikes Cassette Hub Prototype


Wow. I knew the original Fly Bikes Cassette Hub had some history behind it but this amazing story found on Stefan Lantschner’s Instagram is literally unbelievable.

“Ruben Alcantara used this Fly Bikes prototype hub while filming all around the world for his Etnies Grounded video part in 2006. I got it from him I think 2008, it got stolen once in Malaga I guess 2010, than Pitu bought it back from some gypys. I kept on riding it all this years going to so many awesome trips till summer 2013 when my bike got stolen out of the car in Milan… A few weeks back Ayoub Errami from Morocco contacted me telling me he found my stolen bike and he was so kind to handle the hub to Vince Perraud who was there at the time. Vince gave the hub to Courage Adams at Simple Session and now I am holding all that history in my hand, can’t believe it!!!”