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Prototype Mutiny Bikes 29mm Forks

What I Ride - Grant Castelluzzo

RideBMX put up this bike check feature spec’ing Grant Castelluzzo’s Mutiny steed where they give a brief glimpse at Mutiny Bikes’ prototype 29mm offset forks that Grant is testing out right now.  With 4mm less rake than the Wand fork, there’s a small recess in the bottom of the investment-cast leg/dropout junction to accommodate plastic pegs while still keeping them more responsive than the Wand fork.

What I Ride - Grant Castelluzzo

Hopefully they keep the rad Wand top-caps…


The Union’s Evolutions Of The BMX Fork


The Union posted an awesome article on the evolution of the BMX fork featuring a plethora of examples of some of the defining designs of the old-to-mid school era.  Some of the more wild examples include Kasta’s Uniblade fork, Hutch Trickstar forks and the S&M Ditchforks shown below with peg and AD990 mounts.  I’ve totally still got a pair of those Terrible One forks in my shed…


The Union- Insight: Shadow Conspiracy Inceptiv Fork


The Union just posted up this Insight feature into The Shadow Conspiracy‘s new Inceptiv fork that is out now, and by ‘new’ I mean this thing is some freakin’ space-age gear they’ve designed from scratch.  Some of the fork’s many, many features include a super-responsive 26mm dropout offset, 100% heat-treated 4130 construction, wider leg clearance for your 2.4″ basketball tyres, investment-cast dropouts as well as a bigger ‘king crown’ (the small tube between the legs and steerer) for strength and much more.  Hit up The Union‘s site for more details on these great looking forks.