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Eclat Overguard


As part of their Assembled series, Éclat dropped this feature on their brand new Overguard universal hub guard that we featured on The Merged this time last year.  The Overguard is a drive-side compatible hub guard that fits over the dropout instead of between the dropout and the hub, eliminating compatibility issues; much like GSport’s Uniguard, although the Overguard looks to offer more comprehensive protection at the rear from steep icepicks in comparison.  This hub guard is left and right, drive or non-drive-side compatible on most (if not all) frames and hubs available right now and comes with anti-spin allen bolts that thread into the guard itself.


Material: Heat treated and full CNC’d 4140 chromoly
Colours: Black
Weight: 77g (2.7oz)

All the pieces pictured here are available to win via the this link but are also available to purchase from your local bike shops and mail orders.

Merritt Tension Hub Guard Available Now


We featured a sneak peek at Merritt‘s new Tension hub guard a while back but we can now reveal the inner workings of this nifty little piece.  The Tension hub guard utilises 9 ‘hooked’ prongs that fit into the 9 inner-most triangles made by the spokes (in a 3-cross pattern, it’s unclear if they are 4-cross compatible) then the ‘spring’ is fed into the hooks and against the spokes to prevent the guard from detaching from the wheel. Simple.


It’s available in any colour as long as it’s black, weighs a mere gnat’s fart (0.9 oz) and is compatible with ‘most front hubs and some rear hubs’ according to Merritt. The Tension guard is available now from all Merritt dealers and distributors.


Mutant Bikes Prototype Hubguard



Mutant bikes have been working on a mystical peg/hubguard combination for a few years now. We have a post from about a year ago showing it off in great detail, and Kurt over at The Union posted a review of them a little while back. The most interesting feature about this peguard is how the actual guard part rides over the drop-out, protecting for the guard and you drop-puts from getting bashed. Now it looks like Mutant will be releasing this all protecting hubguard by itself, for those of you who don’t want the peguard itself, but would still like to protect your frame and hubs. Peep the Mutant bikes site for more info on when this will drop.

Spotted: Merritt Prototype Tension Hub Guard


This gem popped up on Brandon Begin’s prototype-filled bike check over on Merritt‘s site, this Tension plastic front hub guard is universal and clips on with a single spring and are also (consequently) out this coming spring according to Merritt. More on that as the info comes, until then head over to their site and check out the new black leather SL1 seat, a peek at Charlie Crumlish’s signature grips and catch another look at their prototype freecoaster altogether on Brandon’s ride.

Kink Universal Drive-Side Hub Guard

Kink‘s new heat-treated chromoly hub guard is now available worldwide.  This hub guard, although made mainly to be used on the driver side of your hub, can be used on the non-drive side too which should save you a whole bunch of money.  Also did I mention it was made of heat-treated chromoly? These things are made to take pretty much any damage you can chuck at them.  Get your local shop to hit up Kink’s distro in your part of the globe to get your mitts on one of these.
Weight: 2.1oz
Available in: Black
Heat-Treated Chromoly Steel construction
Fits Most Current Cassette Hubs (8t/9t drivers)
Slides Between Hardware and Dropout For Easy Installation

Division Brand Cromo Hubguard


New for Division Brands’s product range is their Drive Side CrMo Hub Guard. It is primarily a drive side guard but wouldnt look out of place on the non drive side either. The Guard is available now in the USA, Australia & Canada. Other countries will receive theirs any day/week now.

Full CNC Heat Treated 4140 CrMo Multi-Side Guard
Can be ran on either side of drivetrain
Anti-spin locator slot
Thin profile to reduce the need to spread your frame
Weight: 81 grams (2.85oz)

For more info on the guard as well as the rest of Division’s strong product lineup go hit up their website, which in my opinion just looks awesome…

Spotted- Shadow Raptor Cromo Front Hub Guard


Spotted over on Shadow’s Instagram are their new Raptor Front Hub Guards which are available now. Grinding is serious business and when you use your peg’s a decent amount, you are going to want proper protection. Shadow’s new guards are made from heat-treated 4140 cromoly making them extremely resilient to damage and slide much better than their aluminium counterparts. These literally replace the slide on alloy collars on the Raptor hub to maintain the traditional 100mm hub width so there’s no messing about. Weighing in at 2.1oz per guard, these will also fit several other similar hubs on the market and are a must have for any serious grinders out there.

Federal Hub Guard


Federal Bikes have a new Hub Guard which is available now. The Guard is forged out of Aluminium which keeps the cost down to £16.99, as well as keeping the strength and durability very high. The guys at Federal tested the guard for a long time to ensure it was fully compatible with almost every hub out there right now including their highly popular Freecoaster. The Guards are out now in your choice of Black or Silver.

Primo Remix V2 & Plastic Hub Guards


Primo really have been busy working on new products, and it looks like we’re about to be bombarded with even more before the end of the year. Seen here is the new updated Remix V2 Cassette Hub (above) which features updated bearings, a new shell, and works with both drive and non-drive side Plastic Hub Guards. To get peoples juices running even more, Primo’s much anticipated Freecoaster, the Freemix (below) will also be available with compatible Plastic Hub Guards to keep you grinding smoother and faster. I could be wrong, but it looks like the Plastic Non-drive side guard could be compatible with both Hubs?

Both of these Hub and the Guards are due to land worldwide in November with even more Primo goodness…


Kink Tech Talk- Hub Guards

Matt from Kink Bikes runs you through their new Plastic Hub Guards designed specifically for their Incite and Boulevard Hubs. Both the Hubs and these Guards are available now.

-Incite Hub Guard
Weight: 1.6oz
Color: clear
Works Exclusively With Incite Cassette Hub
Fits Directly Over Hub Hardware
Proven Polycarbonate Material
Non-Drive Side Only

-Boulevard Hub Guard
Weight: .9oz
Color: clear
Works Exclusively With Boulevard Front Hub
Fits Directly Over Hub Hardware
Proven Polycarbonate Material
Works On Both Sides

Be sure to head over to Kink to get more info on these and the rest of Kink’s product line.