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Profile Racing Hub Guards Explained

What’s cracking peg thugs?  The folks at Profile Racing have always been great with explaining what will fit what when it comes to their components and now their hub guards are no different.  Head over to Profile’s Tech Tip 6 article for a full run down of which hub guards fit which hubs, how they fit, their qualities in relation to the hub they’re installed to and even some team rider accounts of what they ride and why.  Talk about thorough…

Profile Hub Guard Guide.


When I was younger putting pegs on your Profile hubs was seen as pure heresy but times have certainly changed in favour of you rail slayers out there.  To help clear up and avoid any confusion with the compatibility of Profile Racing‘s many hub guards, they released to following Q&A to help you determine what hub guard is right for you and your shiney new Profile or Madera hubs;  Continue reading

Primo Freemix Freecoaster Update

Interbike 2013

Primo just dropped some knowledge on their new Freemix Freecoaster that should be out next month! I’m liking the idea of those snap-on nylon hub guards.

Our first freecoaster hub in a very long time the FREEMIX will be available next month and we figured this would be a good time to talk a bit about it. Our goal with this hub was to make the most basic coaster possible because as many of you may already know these hubs can be a bit confusing once disassembled. This is why our coaster come with no adjustable slack. By removing any adjustable pieces you are left with a longer lasting hub that requires less maintenance. 

The second detail we felt was very important was to offer the FREEMIX as a complete wheel as well since we know how inconvenient it can be building up a whole new wheel just to see what coasting feels like. If that’s not enough for you we have a special treat to top it all off. All Primo hubs including but not limited to the FREEMIX now have snap on nylon hub guards. If you have never grinded a rail or ledge before with a nylon hub guard you are truly missing out on the smoothest grind possible. The new DSG and NDSG guards are available separately for our FREEMIX and REMIX hubs in early 2014. If you are serious about wanting to get into riding a coaster do your research, the FREEMIX has been tested by nearly the entire Primo Pro team for over a year now and has been put to work. Check our recent Primo Blazers edit to see it in action.

Spotted- Cinema ZX Hubs


Here is a sneak peek at Cinema‘s new ZX Hubs, part of the full ZX range of Hubs and Wheels which will be available later this year and sit slightly cheaper in between the high end VX range, and their entry level Wheelsets. The new ZX range will be laced up to the 333 Rims and will feature high end technology from the VX Hubs like Alloy Hub Guards, but at a slightly more affordable price. Expect more info on the ZX Wheels to drop soon along with pricing and availability. It would be sweet if the Wheels came pre-packaged with the Hub Guards…



Shout out to Unleaded for the images.