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Available now- Subrosa Warhead Lock


Subrosa’s war on bike theft continues. Their new Warhead Lock is a more secure option if you’re locking to leave your bike locked up for longer. These are available from Subrosa dealers worldwide, head over to the site to check it out in more detail!

“The 2nd lock in the Subrosa Bike Thief Warfare series. This lock and cable combo is our medium level security weapon. Offers a more long term security than the Combat Lock, but is still small enough to be easily carried spot to spot.

Not recommended for long term or overnight locking, but works great on a bike rack a quick stop for some eats or just hang out.”

– High impact ABS composite cover over steel locking mechanism
– 10mm thick, 22″ long stainless steel braided cable with plastic cover
– Key entry (includes 2 keys)
– Weight: 9.8 oz
– Colors: orange / smoke

Spotted- Subrosa Warhead Lock


After bringing out the handy Combat Lock, the guys at Subrosa are continuing their war against bike thievery. Spotted here is a sneak peek at their Warehead lock which looks to be a much sturdier and long term alternative to their current pocket size option. Pretty rad to see a BMX specific brand bring out their own range of locks and theft deterrents, as lets face it having a bike stolen is one of the worst things that can happen to a rider. A big thumbs up from us on this one!

Subrosa Combat Lock Edit

The Subrosa Combat Lock is available now in some parts of the world, and will be available worldwide in the next few weeks, so they thought they’d drop a little edit to show you some of the correct and incorrect uses. It might not be the most be the most secure lock in the world, but if you need to quickly pop to the shop or pub and need something to keep your bike from disappearing for a few mins, then this thing is perfect.