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Merritt Brandon Begin Guard Sprocket

merrittguard sprocket

Merritt popped up on my Instagram feed with this shot of the Brandon Begin signature full-guard sprocket and my, oh my… I’d feel like I was killing a unicorn just by putting a chain on it, let alone grinding on it.  You can tell this has been made to last by the super thick grind plate and 5 sprocket holes to rotate around.  No more info as of yet but keep an eye out on Merritt’s Instagram page for more.

Merritt Tension Hub Guard Available Now


We featured a sneak peek at Merritt‘s new Tension hub guard a while back but we can now reveal the inner workings of this nifty little piece.  The Tension hub guard utilises 9 ‘hooked’ prongs that fit into the 9 inner-most triangles made by the spokes (in a 3-cross pattern, it’s unclear if they are 4-cross compatible) then the ‘spring’ is fed into the hooks and against the spokes to prevent the guard from detaching from the wheel. Simple.


It’s available in any colour as long as it’s black, weighs a mere gnat’s fart (0.9 oz) and is compatible with ‘most front hubs and some rear hubs’ according to Merritt. The Tension guard is available now from all Merritt dealers and distributors.


Merritt Justin Care Stem Samples


Spotted over on Merritt’s Instagram feed, hidden amongst a bunch of well placed April Fool’s joke posts was this little beauty; a sample Justin Care signature stem that’s reportedly being sent to the team.  There’s no other info except that this looks like a forged stem rather than a machined one to keep costs down and make the wild detailing like the logo and the stem spacer/compression bolt recess. I can’t wait to see the other side!

Spotted: Merritt Prototype Tension Hub Guard


This gem popped up on Brandon Begin’s prototype-filled bike check over on Merritt‘s site, this Tension plastic front hub guard is universal and clips on with a single spring and are also (consequently) out this coming spring according to Merritt. More on that as the info comes, until then head over to their site and check out the new black leather SL1 seat, a peek at Charlie Crumlish’s signature grips and catch another look at their prototype freecoaster altogether on Brandon’s ride.

Merritt Option Tire


Spotted at Interbike last week is Merritt‘s new Option street tire which uses a dual compound rubber. the sidewall uses a harder rubber which helps protect from grind damage and aids sliding with a touch of wax. Neat idea!

Merritt SL1 Seat Promo

Wear in, not wear out, the new Merritt SL1 leather seat is a super clean and strong pivotal seat with a genuine leather cover and simple branded leather center patch. If brown leather isn’t your thing, the black kevlar version will also be super durable and has the same clean leather patch. Head over to merrittbmx.com for more info.

Merritt SL1 Pivotal Seat


Here’s a look at the new SL1 Pivotal Seat from Merritt which will be available next month. This mid size pivotal seat will be available in two options, Kevlar, and what you see here 100% real leather. Merritt always seem to have a fresh approach to products and a real leather pivotal seat is a nice idea. Not only are these things going to be durable, but they are going to look even better with age…

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