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Odyssey Hawk Stem 02



Chase Hawk is getting a small overhaul on him stem from Odyssey. The little details are usually what can make something go from being just okay, to being awesome. In this case, the gold lettering really sets off this stem, and the recessed top really makes the stem look a lot smoother. The guys at Odyssey know what they’re doing, and they’re doing it well. Peep the Odyssey site here, and stay tuned for more details on this stem.

Spotted: Odyssey RAFT Broc Raiford Signature Stem


RideBMX dropped this little gem into a bike check they did with Broc Raiford; a peek at the first sample of Broc’s signature Odyssey RAFT stem which is scheduled to hit shops at some point soon;

From RideBMX: “It’s a bit different design than most top loads out there but exactly what I wanted in a stem. It has a bit larger stack height so you don’t have to run as many spacers and is even wider allowing more room to clamp down on the bars which means less slippage.”

Hit up Ride‘s site for a few more angles of this prototype and Broc’s wild paint job while you’re at it.

Odyssey Galaxy Seats


All these wild seat covers in BMX are getting nuts… Odyssey are jumping on the celestial bandwagon with these wild looking Galaxy seats that might look a little like your little sister’s leggings. They come in red (not shown) green or purple and Odyssey even brought out matching Twisted PC’s if you’re feeling super cosmic.  Head over to The Union for more on these seats.


Odyssey Dugan Pedal


The fine folks at OTX Design and Mr George French have been bombarded with questions’s about Odyssey’s new Tom Dugan pedal so have released a bunch of photos and info about it.

“The Tom Dugan pedals will be available in plastic or aluminum and feature a special internal configuration that allows us to combine a large spindle with a thin body shape while featuring full 360 degree concave and bigger diameter pins (on the PC) for incredible grip. The pedal body is also significantly larger and feels amazing under your feet. All of our team riders are fighting to get their hands on these. The price will be on par with our existing plastic and metal pedals. They should be available in early 2015.”

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Odyssey Aitken Tire in 2.45″

10593306_344240439065174_2079113917_n Yup someone went there… Odyssey are the first to break the 2.40″ mark and now offer their hugely popular Mike Aitken Tire in 2.45″.

ATTENTION AITKEN TIRE FANS! We now offer this classic tread in a new 20×2.45″ size. Same popular tire that you know and love, just bigger. Hit up your local shop or favorite mail order. 

Odyssey Clutch Freecoaster


Here’s another look at Odyssey‘s new Sean Sexton signature Clutch Freecoaster they announced the other day, as seen on G-Sport George’s Instagram page. Word on the street is that this uses a traditional clutch style system, but with some major differences. I’m really hoping those are 14mm female bolts, but I doubt it…

This prototype is also a LHD version, so expect to see both RHD and LHD options form the initial release, as well as hub guards. Apparently it’s pretty close to production so maybe this thing will be out by the end of the year?

Spotted- Odyssey Sean Sexton Clutch Freecoaster

10458330_811780552176138_8453417499504019717_n (1)

Everyone got pretty excited when we posted a sneak peek of Odyssey‘s prototype Freecoaster hub earlier this year. Well thanks to this post by Odyssey’s Austin based design office, the hub will be Sean Sexton’s signature hub and will be called the Clutch Freecoaster. Guessing by the name, this thing will use a clutch based system like the KHE style hubs, but Odyssey claim this isn’t using the same internals and uses a new, unique system. Look out for more on this one at Interbike in September!

Spotted – Odyssey Dugan Tires


More Tommy Dugan signature products coming soon from Odyssey. Seen here is a sneak peek at his signature tire which will be available in both 2.40 and 2.30. It also look’s like Tommy has given a topload stem a go, he’s running a one-off camo sample of Sean Sexton’s Stem that he must have found at the OTX design office in Austin…