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Top 5 Pedals


Looks like you lot liked the whole fanzine-style ‘top 5 tyres’ thing I did last week so once again I teamed up with old school racer Chris Coutts and sad pegless guy Greg Pearson to briefly discuss our favourite pedal options available out there today.  As much as I try to keep things as balanced as possible there aren’t any aluminium pedals on the list, simply because cheap alloy pedals are rarer now and if you still ride them you probably know what you like already.  This isn’t a nostalgia-fest ‘top 5 pedals EVER’ kinda thing, it’s more of an ‘independent buyer’s guide’ so don’t go losing your shit over OG Cielinski’s not making the list like you did last week…  Just be thankful you’re not bolting on Crupi beartraps. Continue reading

Spotted – Fit Bike Co MAC PC Pedals


Spotted in Shawn McIntosh’s bike check on ESPN‘s site, these are prototype plastic versions of Shawn’s Fit Bike CoMAC‘ signature pedals.  Here’s what the man himself had to say about them;

I’m running some samples of my signature Fit plastic pedals and I couldn’t be more excited to release them next month to all of you guys.

There you have it, keep an eye out on Fit Bike Co‘s website for more info as it comes next month.