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Top 5 Pegs


Being a sad pegless guy for the last 10 years hasn’t done much for my knowledge of grinding apparatus, and I know I’ll be hounded to the ends of the earth, not to mention strung up by my cock and balls by a rabble of peg-thugs for not doing a grind-related top 5; so I sorted it.  Don’t go saying I don’t treat you right.  For a change, this weeks panel consists of Ben Stringer, H.M.F.I.C. at BTN(Brighton) BMX Shop and Jonathan Rubbersmith, aliased industry insider with far too much to say for his own good… both seasoned grinders with a better idea about pegs than the pedal-grinding prick typing this. Continue reading

Arcane Glivore Sprocket

arc00400 (1)

Oh boy Bikeguide is going to love this… Just when you thought the days of running plastic parts were behind us, this crops up. Seen here is the Glivore Sprocket from new UK brand Arcane. Arcane is an in-house brand for the large UK based bicycle distributor Madison Sports and it looks like they are now expanding into the aftermarket BMX component market. Yay….

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Head over to RIDE BMX for an interview with Eclat’s product designer Rich Shaw on their new Venom Plastic Pegs which are available now. These things use the same specially developed hard wearing nylon compound as the Nathan Peg, but use a ‘classic sleeve’ system.

To find out more about these pegs or any other Eclat products, go check out the Eclat website today.

United Plastic Pegs


United‘s cromo/nylon pegs that they had on display at the last interbike are almost ready. These pegs use a cromo inner which is thinner so they can make the plastic thicker faster and more durable. Corey Martinez and other memebers of the team have been testing these for a good while now, and you can expect to see these out in November retailing for £14.99 each with replaceable plastic sleeves also available.

GSport Pleg 2 Promo

G Sport just put together this neat promo video for the new Pleg 2 featuring Broc Raiford.

The Pleg 2 features a completely re-designed 7075 aluminum core and proprietary plastic sleeve. This new design allows for a smaller overall peg diameter and substantially increases stiffness. The Pleg 2 core runs 3/4′s of the length of the sleeve so direct damage to the core’s end can be avoided, simplifying sleeve removal and maintaining socket fit.


Sleeve Material: Proprietary Plastic Blend
Sleeve Length: 100mm / 4″
Sleeve Diameter: 39mm / 1.5″ (“Normal” Steel peg diameter)
Core Configuration: 14mm or 3/8″
Core Material: 7075-T6 Aluminum
Weight: 3.6oz / 102g


Insight: Shadow Conspiracy Slide Or Die Pegs


Head over to The Union for an exclusive insight into the new Slide Or Die Plastic Pegs that Shadow have been working on with UK Street God Scott Ditchburn. These cleverly designed pegs use a super tough heat treated steel core, with a notched plastic sleeve preventing it from spinning when the sleeve is worn from grinds. These pegs are also slightly longer and thinner than most making them perfect for any kind of grind abuse. The pegs wont be available until October, but you can check them out in full HERE.

Dan Conway Fit Wizzard Sleeves Print Ad

Click to see bigger
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This has to be one of the sickest product print ad’s I’ve ever seen. Check out Fit’s latest ad in Ride BMX showcasing Dan Conway using their new Wizzard Sleeve Plastic Peg Sleeves which are out now. Fit have boasted the superior Plastic used to make this and their extreme durability, according to this ad Dan has been using the same set for almost a year without needing a new set. Need I say any more?


Spotted- Kink Plastic Pegs

581693_10151757955896421_724825499_n (1)

In the below video from Kink you can get a sneak peek at the new Plastic Pegs they have been working on over the past year. Not too much info on these, but I’m pretty sure they use a Chromoly Core with a Plastic sleeve that looks much thicker than most other Plastic Pegs out right now. Pair these up with their plastic guards and you have one, fast and durable grind setup. Tony Hamlin and the team have been testing these for a bit now, expect these guys to have these on display at their booth at Interbike in September.

Shout out to Kurt at The Union for spotting this one.

G-Sport Pleg 2 Available Now


G Sport‘s new updated Pleg 2 is now available worldwide.

“The Pleg 2 has a completely re-designed core and sleeve to allow for a smaller overall diameter and substantially increased stiffness, while retaining a low weight and good wall thickness for long grinding life. Complete pegs sold individually, replacement sleeves sold in pairs.

George French almost destroyed his hand in a crash years ago. A sharp metal peg almost pierced his hand, and he decided he needed to design something better and safer. The Pleg idea was born, but it was almost ten years of riding homemade versions before the first production models came to be. The proprietary plastic peg is a solid plastic with minimal steel sleeve. Light, fast and cheap. Unlike other plastic pegs, the Plegs are fast on ALL surfaces, and open up new surfaces compared to the limitations of traditional steel pegs. You can also run four Plegs for almost the same weight as two lightweight steel pegs. In addition to being park and ledge friendly, its safe to say that the Pleg is safer to ride than a steel peg, on many levels.”

  • Sleeve Material: Proprietary Plastic Blend
  • Sleeve Length: 100mm / 4″
  • Sleeve Diameter: 39mm / 1.5″ (“Normal” Steel peg diameter)
  • Core Configuration: 14mm or 3/8″
  • Core Material: 7075-T6 Aluminum
  • Weight: 3.6oz / 102g