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Primo 2.4″ V-Monster Tyres


There’s a lot of history behind Primo’s infamous V-Monster tyre; arguably the first widely-available durable BMX tyre of which has been a benchmark for all other tyres ever since it was first made in 1995.  In his informative ESPN article, Brian Tunney tells of the woes many riders had trying to source decent rubber in the 90’s and how legendary flatlanders Sean McKinney and Day Smith approached Primo with the design that almost single-handedly carried the brand from it’s early days.  As well as the updated VM 2 that Primo released a couple of years ago, they are bringing out the classic OG design in a wider 2.4 inch size (as seen over at The Union)  Check back for release dates as they come.

Spotted – Primo 2pc Powerbite crank


As seen over on our Instagram page, is a look at a new Alloy Crank Primo are working on. Using the new almost 15 year old Powerbite crank, it looks like the boys in Cali have made it two piece and are now using a 16 spline pinch interface rather than the traditional square-taper the original crank were always famous for. Looking forward to seeing more on these soon…

Primo Mac Seat


Here’s a look at Shawn McIntosh’s signature pivotal seat from Primo which will be available next month. I’m liking the old-shool leather quilted top and the grippy side panels for barspins. This is one well thought out seat, and if it’s good enough for Shitty…

Primo JJ Palmere Pedals


JJ Palmere’s new plastic pedal‘s from Primo are now available!  These nylon composite pedals feature a much wider pedal body that Primo’s current offering, and have a knurled surface and plenty of traction pins to insure your feet don’t go slipping off. Go hit up your local Primio dealer today to pick up a set.

Primo Pro Cranks


If their infamous alloy cranks aren’t for you, then Primo now do a slightly more traditional chromoly splined crank. The new Primo Pro Crank features a 22mm 48 spline spindle. The crank arms are post weld heat treated and taper from tubular at the top to rectangle at the pedal boss to create a nice dent proof junction for crank arm grinds. Available in 170mm or 175mm black only. Go hit up your local Primo dealer today and grab your self a pair.