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Profile Racing Hub Guards Explained

What’s cracking peg thugs?  The folks at Profile Racing have always been great with explaining what will fit what when it comes to their components and now their hub guards are no different.  Head over to Profile’s Tech Tip 6 article for a full run down of which hub guards fit which hubs, how they fit, their qualities in relation to the hub they’re installed to and even some team rider accounts of what they ride and why.  Talk about thorough…

Profile Cotton Candy Colourway Re-release


Profile Racing have fired up the old Jared Eberwein Cotton Candy colourway for their Mini and Elite hubs again (front and back, left and right hand drive) and oh lord, these things are bright. Head over to Profile’s e-store to grab yourself a set of these bad boys before they disappear.  And just in case you need any more bike porn, Profile were also good enough to show an exploded diagram of their Elite rear hub for your viewing pleasure.  Happy drooling.


Profile Hub Guard Guide.


When I was younger putting pegs on your Profile hubs was seen as pure heresy but times have certainly changed in favour of you rail slayers out there.  To help clear up and avoid any confusion with the compatibility of Profile Racing‘s many hub guards, they released to following Q&A to help you determine what hub guard is right for you and your shiney new Profile or Madera hubs;  Continue reading

Testing the Profile Free-coaster Cassette with Tyler Gilliard

Probably the most talked about item at Interbike in September, Profile‘s new Cassette/Freecoaster hybrid has been causing quite a stir recently. Tyler Gillard is Profile’s flatland guru and the man behind this hub, watch as he takers it for a spin in this short video. They dont give too much away but you can see that it appears to work like a cassette (the noise) and then turns into a freecoaster when back peddled. Cant wait to hear more on this one…

Spotted- Profile Freecoaster


The one and only Chad Degroot has a bike check up on the Profile Racing website featuring his new Deco Terry Adams frame and the prototype Profile Freecoaster that we saw at Interbike. We don’t know much about this coaster, but we do know that it’s made in Florida and was designed by Chad and fellow Profile flatland pro Tyler Gillard. The hub works similar to a cassette hub in that it uses pawls and a ratchet to engage, but when you backpedal it actually locks the cranks and allows you to coast backwards.

Bearing in mind Profile have the ability to design and manufacture prototypes all in one building, I’m really intrigued into this design and hoping it’s the “holy grail” that we’re looking for. Hopefully we’ll have more info on this soon.

‘How We Make It’ with Profile Racing- Hand Polishing a Profile stem


This is rad, Profile really pull out the stops when it comes to their US made gear!  The attention to detail is remarkable.  Here they give us a point-by-point insight on the de-burring and hand polishing process that their ‘High Polished’ Stems go through post-production in this ‘How We Make It’ article published on their site.  These are definitely no cookie-cutter stems; not by a long shot!


Profile Bronze and Green Splatter Hubs


Profile Racing came across a couple of hub shells with the bronze and green splatter paint job that they had available back in 2009! They decided to build up the hubs and put them up for sale. There’s only 8 sets of these available, so if you’re looking to get a set, have your local shop get a hold of Profile right away before they are all gone.