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Exclusive Sneak Peak: Division Brand Complete Bikes


Complete bikes have really changed since I started riding. You can now go out and find a bike specialized to what you want to ride, in the size you want, that comes with the parts you need.┬áThat is exactly what Division did, and they brought out 3 models built to take on a handrail straight out of a box. Besides that, they’re some of the best looking bikes I’ve seen in the last few years. I’ll let the photos and specs speak for themselves.

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Spotted- Prototype Alienation Seat and Cassette Hub


Alienation have been fairly quiet as of late, but with Interbike right round the corner, I’m sure that’s all about to change. Spotted here, appears to be a prototype version of their Slider Pivotal Seat, but with a reworked cover and padding. Alienation worked real hard for a long time on making a Pivotal Seat that had fore/aft adjust ability. The Slider Seats have been out for some time, but weren’t to everyone’s taste. I’m really into the look of the V2, if you want more angle options with your seat, worth looking into this new model when it comes out.

Seats are not the only think Alienation have been working on. Seen here is a prototype Cassette Hub which uses a new “3 on, 3 off” pawl system as well as a female axle and a press-on drive side hubguard. Not much more info on this one, no doubt they will have it on display in Vegas come September.

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