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Stolen Piece Multi-Tool Review


The BMX multi-tool is a product that hasn’t been around for a great deal of time and unlike the skateboard equivalent, it hasn’t yet found a ‘perfect’ archetypal design.  DK’s first incarnation of the Random Wrench was a great first go despite it being a tad large and rather cumbersome; like a car’s cross wrench.  Fast forward a few years and there are now a plethora of various multi-tools designed to aide with quick fixes like Merrit’s Trifecta tool or a full strip-down with Shadow, Eclat or Animal’s offerings.  While attractive, I personally never bought any of these tools because they simply don’t just fit in your jeans, they still require a backpack and if that’s the case, the tools I already have are sufficient…  difficult to find amongst the loose chilli peanuts and ominous black fluff at the bottom of my bag, but still… sufficient.


One day in my old workshop I sat down and put some thought into a small pocket multi-tool that you could pop in your 501’s and forget about until you needed it.  I came up with a first draft.  It included a 6mm allen key, a spoke key, a tyre lever and for no good reason, a 10mm spanner (who uses a 10mm for anything other than holding a cable pinch bolt in place?) It looked good.  A few days later I found an almost identical, albeit slicker, design on Zodiac Engineering’s Instagram account.  Dumbstruck that someone had already beaten me to it, and that I would probably never own one due to them being out of stock, I retreated to lick my proverbial wounds.


Last week while researching various BMX retailers (read; procrastinating on Dan’s Comp) I stumbled across the Stolen Piece multi-tool, of which until that moment, had eluded me completely.  Bar a couple of finishing touches and a 5mm hex bit end instead of a 1/4″ one, it’s almost exactly the same tool as Zodiac made, and all for 20 bucks.
While you’d have a hard time getting your wheels off with it if you have pegs, it’s absolutely amazing for pegless riders like myself as most wheels, stems, cranks, seats and clamps all typically run off of 5 or 6mm bolts these days.  The tyre lever and spoke key are also welcome features, trashing your rims or tubes without either can be a total nightmare and result in a very long and wholly miserable walk home, but even if you are stuck walking home, at least you have a bottle opener to help drown your sorrows.  The spoke key is where this tool excels though, the typical ‘slot’ type 3-sided key adopted by many has been ditched in favour of a 4-sided one (like the yellow Spokey ones) which has a greater surface contact area to prevent the rounding-off of nipples.  It’s solid, steel construction makes it practically bombproof and what’s more is that the Piece tool has been in my back pocket since I started typing this review and I’m still yet to get a numb left buttock. ‘Nuff said.

Fits: 3.45mm (.136″) nipples
Width: 18mm
Length: 90mm
Colors: ED Black
Weight: 2.7 oz

Stolen 2014 Heist Complete Bike


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if I had complete’s like this when I was a nipper….. The Union just dropped this Insight article on the Stolen Bike Co 2014 Heist complete and this shit looks smart.  This is the middle-of-the-range bike in Stolen’s 2014 line up but I think it’s fair to say it’s looking as premium as you can get! I’m particularly looking at the rad drivetrain consisting of the MOB cranks, alloy sprocket, 9t sealed cassette hub  and Thermalite pedals, it’s more than enough to keep those youngsters running (or pedaling rather…) circles around you.


The Heist comes in at a very modest 24.6 lbs ;quite literally half the weight of my first complete and is available from Dan’s Comp (or hit up your local Stolen dealer) for about 450 bucks. Head over to The Union for a better look at the Heist’s specs and measurements.

Stolen Joint HP Tires now available in Blue


The coloured tire trend gains another supporter. Stolen‘s Joint HP Tires are now available in this rather wild looking “Brilliant Blue” colourway. You can pick them up today from your local Stolen in both 2.2″ or 2.3″ sizes depending on your preference. I bet these would look killer with an all Black setup…

Stolen Stratos stem and Cartwheel sprocket


We got a sneak peek at this one at Interbike a few week’s back. Stolen Bikes’ new Stratos stem and Cartwheel sprocket will have a limited edition color way, ‘Hot Pipe’, which will be available this spring. The colorway features a blue to chrome fade, closely resembling heated exhaust pipes on a motorcycle.

For more information on the Stratos stem & Cartwheel sprocket, head over to the Stolen website.

Stolen 2014 Catalog

Stolen Bikes‘ 2014 catalog just went live. Plenty of interesting look completes this year, all stacked with a variety of their aftermarket components to keep things running tight. The most notable addition to this year’s lineup is a whole range of aftermarket 24″ specific products including a Frame, heat-treated fork, wheelsets and even a larger size of their Joint Tires. I’m also kinda into the coloured Tires on the Casino model, no doubt a bit of AK influence there. All these bikes and products will be available in the next few weeks. Be sure to head over to the Stolen website for more details and info.

stolen stolen2

Stolen Bike Co Multi Tool


If I’m honest we’re in a point in BMX where real product innovation seems to be harder and hard to find. With it being so easy to pick a product out of a catalog in Taiwan and add your own logo to it, I get less excited every time I see a “New Product” email or post on a website. Despite this lack of evolution and change in actual bike parts and components, there does seem to be a wave of actually creativity when it comes to BMX products that we don’t necessarily bolt onto our rides. In the past couple of years I have seen multiple brands bring out clothing, bags, tools and other items aimed specifically at BMX and designed to make riding, maintaining and running your bike that much better. The Shadow Multi-Tool, Subrosa Combat Lock, Cinema Waxed Rucksack and Ecalt spoke tool are all fine examples of this, simple and genuinely original products that have been drawn up from scratch to make life as a rider that bit easier and problem free.

Well rant aside, today I found another brilliantly simple and useful product; The Stolen Bike Co Multi-Tool. Unlike Shadow, Animal and Eclat’s own do-it-all tools, this thing is super small and could be kept in the back pocket whilst on a solo street ride. Based off a simple tire lever, this suspiciously small tool also boasts a spoke wrench, a 6mm/5mm hex key and even a bottle opener for a refreshing drink after a days riding. The tool it’self is mad out of CrMo steel and has a hard wearing ED Black finish to insure that this thing is strong and will take a fair amount of abuse and torque.


Despite not having a socket set or chain-tool, this little thing is so small you would barely notice it’s even there, and could be the difference between having to end the session because you have a flat or need to fix your bike when there are no tools around. The Tools will be available at the end of the month from all Stolen retailers worldwide.

Hit up the Stolen Website for more info on the Multi-Tool and other Stolen products.