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The Union’s Evolutions Of The BMX Fork


The Union posted an awesome article on the evolution of the BMX fork featuring a plethora of examples of some of the defining designs of the old-to-mid school era.  Some of the more wild examples include Kasta’s Uniblade fork, Hutch Trickstar forks and the S&M Ditchforks shown below with peg and AD990 mounts.  I’ve totally still got a pair of those Terrible One forks in my shed…


The Union Frostbike Coverage Highlights


The Union is alive with coverage from this year’s Frostbike right now, head over to their site to check it all out in full, and there is A LOT so we took the liberty of showcasing our one favourite piece from each of this year’s stalls; firstly at number 9 with Stolen‘s rad headtube badges.


At number 8 we welcome back FBM‘s CB4KS forks in all their beefy US made glory. Continue reading

The Union- The Art Of Headtube Badges


Kurt over at The Union posted this awesome piece on the ultimate of bike-porn components; headtube badges.  It’s well worth a read, he covers a lot of the classics like the S&M badge as well as a few you might not have seen.  I particularly liked the ‘Adam LZ‘ BMW style badge shown below because it (inadvertently, I’m sure…) reminds me of the old GSport t-shirt from way back.


The Union Products: Vol. 123


This time on The Union’s Products feature Kurt looks at the High Rise stem from Kink, Garrett Reeves’ signature grips from Sunday Bikes, the Team sprocket from Freed Bikes, Simone Barraco’s signature Strada tire from The Shadow Conspiracy and finally the new Cult X Starter limited edition snapback hat… Kurt even sneaks in a t shirt of his own making at the end.  Go and have a butchers.


The Union- Products: Vol. 118


For this week’s Products feature, Kurt at The Union has a brief look at the Pillar cranks from Kink, Sergio Layos’ signature Trueno frame from Fly Bikes, Greg Goldberg’s signature Hell Smash t-shirt from The Daily Grind, the V2 Cassette from Madera then last but not certainly not least, the stacked 2015 Simone Barraco Novus complete from Subrosa.  Head over to The Union for the full scoop on all of these parts.

The Union- Products: Vol. 113


For the 113th week running Kurt from The Union brings you a look into 5 popular components of which you could do worse than running on your own bike.  This week we get a glimpse at the new Raptor freecoaster from The Shadow Conspiracy, the limited edition French flag colourway Mini and Elite hubs from Profile Racing, the Octave fork from Sunday Bikes, the plastic Butter pegs from Cult, then we will wrap things up with the bearingless Senec plastic pedals from Kink.  Head over to The Union for more on these great parts.

The Union- Products: Vol. 112


I think it was raining cats and dogs last time I posted a Products feature from The Union too so it’s definitely long overdue…. I’m such a slacker.  This week Kurt has a closer look at Kyle Hart signature 4- piece Party bars from Subrosa, the City front hub from The Daily Grind, the brand spanking new Corvus rim from The Shadow ConspiracyMadera‘s Producer sunglasses and finally the Fly Bikes Manual brake lever.  Head over to The Union for the full story on all these products.

The Union- Insight: Shadow Conspiracy Inceptiv Fork


The Union just posted up this Insight feature into The Shadow Conspiracy‘s new Inceptiv fork that is out now, and by ‘new’ I mean this thing is some freakin’ space-age gear they’ve designed from scratch.  Some of the fork’s many, many features include a super-responsive 26mm dropout offset, 100% heat-treated 4130 construction, wider leg clearance for your 2.4″ basketball tyres, investment-cast dropouts as well as a bigger ‘king crown’ (the small tube between the legs and steerer) for strength and much more.  Hit up The Union‘s site for more details on these great looking forks.