Odyssey Dugan Pedal


The fine folks at OTX Design and Mr George French have been bombarded with questions’s about Odyssey’s new Tom Dugan pedal so have released a bunch of photos and info about it.

“The Tom Dugan pedals will be available in plastic or aluminum and feature a special internal configuration that allows us to combine a large spindle with a thin body shape while featuring full 360 degree concave and bigger diameter pins (on the PC) for incredible grip. The pedal body is also significantly larger and feels amazing under your feet. All of our team riders are fighting to get their hands on these. The price will be on par with our existing plastic and metal pedals. They should be available in early 2015.”

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New Fit Dugan Bar


Tom Dugan’s bigger Fit Bike CoDugan Bars are now available in gloss clear and this sexy-regal-ass ‘trans ox blood’ red to match his signature frame. These bars now come in at a taller 8.75 inches tall, but the 8.45″‘s are also still available. Measuring up at 28.5 wide, 12 degree back sweep and 1 degree up sweep….oh and they weigh 2.1 pounds in case you’re asking.

Fit Dugan Frame Promo

Tom Dugan’s updated signature Frame from Fit Bike Co is now available. To celebrate it’s release, Tom has put out the what I can only describe as the best frame promo ever…

Tom Dugan’s new and improved signature frame has launched! A steeper head tube, shorter rear end and a lower bottom bracket turned Tom’s already stiff and strong TD350 into an outta this world ride – introducing theDUGAN frame. Available in Matte BlackGloss Clear and Trans Ox Blood.

Fit “Dugan” Frame

Click to see bigger...
Click to see bigger…

It looks like Tommy Dugan is the latest member of of the Fit Bike Co team to get a revamp on his signature Frame. The Dugan Frame replaces the TD350, as Fit’s “go really fucking high and fast” model in their extensive lineup. There have been a few changes to the spec’s, a slightly shorter backend, steeper headtube and lower BB. A fresh set of graphics and three awesome colour choices teamed up with the usual USA built quality keeps the Dugan looking smart and fresh.

Click through to see more of the new Dugan Frame as well as a fresh bike check from the man himself…

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FitBikeCo Tom Dugan Signature Completes

FitBikeCo’s new 2014 Tom Dugan Completes are looking clean as a whistle. Much like the Ben Lewis signature bikes we featured a week or so back, these bad boys are loaded with top-end components (particularly the ‘Signature‘ model) and have the same geometry as the aftermarket frames do.  Viddy them in the flipbook above and check out the full specs and list of parts on FitBikeCo’s website.

Spotted- Odyssey Tom Dugan Seat & Pedals

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 21.10.42

Tom Dugan has another fresh bike check up on the Fit website where you can spot a bunch of prototype Odyssey parts he is running. Pictured above are a prototype of his upcoming signature alloy pedal, which by the looks of it is based off the popular Trailmix pedal, but features a much slimmer profile.

EDIT– Update from George French,

“The pedal is an evolution from the JimC and Trailmix. Slightly bigger platform, dual concave and thinner (but with a super strong axle despite the thickness reduction. ie. all the thickness has come out of the body, none off the axle). Keeping the bolt layout that the JimC originated.

Adjustment is the same as any other pedal, the end cap has just been knocked in a little because these are just using some stock plastic caps until we get the proper ones prototyped.”

Tom is also running a sample of his signature Tripod seat from Odyssey which we saw a few weeks back, and if you look real close you will notice his is running a larger version of his Dugan Bars from Fit. if I were to take a gamble I would say these new ones are about 8.75″ high?

Expect to see more on all of these parts closer towards the end of the year.

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 21.10.49

Spotted- Odyssey Tom Dugan Tripod Seat


Seem’s like Odyssey are backing the new Tripod system hard. After specing them on the 2014 Sunday bikes, pictured here is a sneak peek at Tommy Dugan’s signature edition Tripod Seat that is in the works. Much like his signature Frame from Fit, this Seat is based on his treasured Honda motorcycle. Although Tom’s seat isn’t out just yet, Odyssey’s Monogram Tripod Seat and post are available now for you to run if you’re feeling like ditching the pivotal for something new.



As seen over on Ride BMX, Odyssey’s Jim Bauer gives you the rundown of Tom Dugan‘s signature front load stem, the TDFL.

“Tom prefers front load stems to perform his height defying BMX wizardry and was a fan of our CFL stem (which we discontinued). We sat down with Tom, looked at the CFL and updated that design to create a new product that meets his needs.

The TDFL is made from 6061 Aluminum and is being offered in 45mm and 53mm lengths. The shorter length to cater to today’s needs. Odyssey pre-load bolts sit flush with stem when mounted properly.

Head over to Odyssey for more info on the TDFL and other Odyssey products.