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Primo 2.4″ V-Monster Tyres


There’s a lot of history behind Primo’s infamous V-Monster tyre; arguably the first widely-available durable BMX tyre of which has been a benchmark for all other tyres ever since it was first made in 1995.  In his informative ESPN article, Brian Tunney tells of the woes many riders had trying to source decent rubber in the 90’s and how legendary flatlanders Sean McKinney and Day Smith approached Primo with the design that almost single-handedly carried the brand from it’s early days.  As well as the updated VM 2 that Primo released a couple of years ago, they are bringing out the classic OG design in a wider 2.4 inch size (as seen over at The Union)  Check back for release dates as they come.

The Inaccuracy Of Tyre Labelling/ The Birth Of The 21″ Wheel


The term ’20 inch bike’ gets thrown around a lot, usually by douchebag pseudo-journalists like me trying to contextualise their gonzo style drivel about dudes riding or making little 20 inch kids stunt bikes… see, i’m at it again. Cruising on the interwebiverse one day I came across this photo on 22 inch BMX‘s Facebook/Instagram/whatever of Kye Forte’s ride;


The striking thing about it is the addition of 22 inch forks and front wheel whilst the rear wheel remains 20 inch… yet, somehow, it doesn’t look too odd at all.  While one could argue all day about the benefits or hindrances this set up might provide(a big one being head angle, but I’ll get to that shortly) one thought awoke and wouldn’t slumber; what even makes it a 22 inch wheel? What, for that matter, makes a 20 inch wheel a 20 inch wheel?! Continue reading

Alone P.A.T.T Tyre


In the market for some budget tyres but want something that can take the (tyre) pressure? Then these P.A.T.T tyres from Alone are definitely up your proverbial alley, they come in a nice ‘n’ chunky 2.3 inch wide size, 110psi rating and feature an all-purpose tread pattern, slightly leaning towards a tightly packed street-style tyre for those who like to roll smoother than butter.  UK RRP. £14.99 from all good bike shops, available now. Mud on yo couch!

Alone PATT Tyre-500x500-500x500