Tall Order Product Line


The ‘David Coulthard of BMX’ (*cough*) a.k.a. Bas Keep recently launched his new English transition/ramp-riding brand, Tall Order, and we’re finally getting to see some samples emerge from Taiwan of what kind of products they’ll be pushing.  So let’s start with the frames, of which there are two; the 215 and the 187 (the names derive from the respective standover heights in millimeters… in case you were wondering) the 187 is the smaller of the two with a shorter standover height, chainstays and top tube options and the 215 is the more ‘adult’ sized frame with slightly longer TT’s, standover and rear end. The custom slanted seat clamp is a great little brand signature for these clean looking frames, as is the return of the BB/stay junction gusset on the 215 (think along the lines of the old Wethepeople Omen frame) I can’t say I’m too enthusiastic about the lack of a top tube gusset on either frame as that’s where I always break my frames but maybe that’s just me.  My favourite part in the Tall Order line isn’t even a part, but we’ll get to that at the end.  Walk with me…


Top Tube Sizes 20.6” / 21” / 21.5”
Head Tube 75°
Seat Tube 71°
Chain Stays 13.5”
Stand Over 8.5”
BB Height 11.6”
Weight 5lbs 2.4oz (21″)
Colours Gloss Black, Gloss White
Features custom investment cast seat clamp, downtube gusset and BB/stay junction gussets



Top Tube Sizes 19.75” / 20.4” / 20.8”
Head Tube 75°
Seat Tube 71°
Chain Stays 12.8”
Stand Over 7.4”
BB Height 11.6”
Weight 5lbs 0.2oz (20.4)
Colours Gloss Black, Gloss White
Features custom investment cast seat clamp and down tube gusset.


Ramp Fork

Slim butted & tapered legs notched for peg clearance
CNC tapered steerer tube with cut line
100% Heat Treated 4130 Cromoly
Extended gyro compatible Integrated bearing race
28mm offset
M24 top cap
Weight 1lb 15oz
Colours Gloss Black, Gloss White, Chrometall-order-bmx-ramp-bar-black

Ramp Bars

Rise 8.5” / 9″ / 9.5″
Width 28.5″ / 29″ / 29.5″
Upsweep 2°
Backsweep 11”
Multi Thickness Butted Tubing
100% Heat Treated 4130 Cromoly
Narrow Crossbar
Weight 1lb 15oz (9″ bar)
Colours Gloss Black, Gloss White, Chrome


Logo Mid Seat


Logo Slim Seat


Logo Seat Post


BMX Tool

…And here it is, the latest offering into the BMX multitool market; the Tall Order BMX Tool.  Much like the Merritt tool, it only has the bare essentials but it’s all you need to stuff your bike in a mate’s car boot/flight bag/change a tube etc.  The knurling in the handle gives you grip for the 6mm allen key and 17mm socket and the 17mm socket head itself acts as a handle for extra leverage to use the 8mm allen key.  The socket head can be flipped as to reduce the tool’s size when not in use.  All-in-all this is a very smart tool indeed and it’s hard to imagine them being too expensive either.  All the above are due to drop in November 2016.


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