The D Key


This got sent to me by a friend and to be honest it’s a really simple but clever solution to carrying tools around with you. The D Key is essentially an regular allen key, but features a flat “key-like” end which not only lets you to clip it to your car keys, but also allows you to put double the force than you would with a regular box standard allen key.

Find out more about the D-Key HERE…


Let’s face it, the majority of your bike can be adjusted/installed with a 6mm allen key these days, so I can see these things as a real handy tool to keep in your bag on in your back pocket in case of emergency.

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This project is only a Kickstarter for now, but with your help could become readily available in bike shops in the near future. The Kickstarter link will be live in 2 weeks time, so we’ll update this post with the link then.

Head over to the D-Key website more more info on this nifty gadget and how you can support an independent designer and get involved. 

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